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The View: Cory Booker, Dylan McDermott, Jimmy Buffett, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Aired today but recorded earlier, some hosts drop for some segments

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

As of this weekend, 43 or so states are in some version of reopening but 40% of Americans say they plan to avoid public spaces as long as possible. Joy thinks she’ll have to stay put until at least November when T45 leaves office [except that would technically be January 2021], references testing fiasco again from yesterday. Meghan feels like it’s a game of whackamole. Lists all the contradictions and moving goalposts. We should expect culture change in every way, just like after 911. 16% aren’t sure if they’ll ever feel comfortable again. Sunny agrees with Meghan, things will forever change, but we’ll adapt. She won’t shake hands anymore, and will wear a mask on airplanes.

Hot Topic Cory Booker

Senate was called back in to session. They were summoned back to Washington, even though the House didn’t return due to virus concerns. The only reason the Senate came back was to vote on more judges and appointees because McConnell is doing nothing from a legislative standpoint. Just carrying T45 water to appear reopened and get more trash people into lifelong judicial positions. CB talks about the level of incompetence for judges put forward, while they should be focusing on the pandemic crisis and bipartisan bills. WH shelved detailed CDC guidelines for how states should reopen. CB feels we should be listening to medical scientists and CDC should be leading the way because in 1918 the second wave was worse than the first. Using militaristic terms is misplaced but is being positioned like Hunger Games. All of this is a failure of leadership. 911, Hurricane Sandy, we saw partisanship put aside to get through the initial crisis, but all T45 wants is to trigger partisan animosity. His ratings continue to go down, which is unprecedented during a national crisis. Meghan talks about CB Chief of Staff who is doing double duty as an EMS volunteer. CB talks about him rising to the challenge, because NJ Governor recalled retired folks from those fields to supplement the existing workforce of first responders, firefighters, EMS, etc.

Joy asks about Biden addressing allegations. CB says we need to listen to women and then investigate the claims, agrees with Biden premise. Asking Senate to open archives was the right thing. CB is still with Biden. Sunny mentions CB wrote op-ed addressing impact of virus on poc, quotes some excerpts. CB says we’re a nation who has normalized tragic injustice, lists examples and stats. Whoopi reminds indigenous people also impacted.

Hot Topic Dylan McDermott

Promoting Hollywood, plays clip. His perfect quarantine partner is his dog Otis. There’s no relationship better than that with a doggie. Leslie Jordan IG fan-fave loves DM, plays IG story. Started the DM Fan Club. DM says they did American Horror Story together, loves working with him, and will be working with him again. Sunny asks about Hollywood, based in the 40s but fictionally more inclusive. DM gives details. Joy thanks him for doing the reading of Crisis in Queens with Annabella Sciorra, they talk about that. Hopes to do the play for real at some point. DM talks more about his classic Hollywood references to his character on Hollywood. DM daughter is also on the show, her debut, he’s proud.

Hot Topic Surprise for Moms at Lincoln Hospital

In honor of Mother’s Day (US and some other countries) this Sunday, Lincoln Hospital one of most impacted in nation. Honoring the moms working there. Head Nurse Eva Calo and her colleagues represent the care workers at the hospital. EC mother got sick with virus and passed away. Talks about how she’s trying to get through all that while still doing her job. Elsie Lecour talks about how she coordinates communication between patients and their loved ones since they can’t visit directly. Surprise to 150 of them working the front lines. Jimmy Buffett is the surprise (?) for a hospital in the Bronx. JB on Fridays has a large fanbase so they have once per week zoom meet and greets to boost morale. Also has new album out Life on the Flip Side. JB says they can’t go to work either and they can’t tour but they have Margaritaville TV so on Weds and Sats they play. But, spoiler alert, his real reason for being there, on behalf of Margaritaville charity, 150 are going to get a first class dream vacation when it’s all over. 4 nights 5 days at Charisma Resorts at location of their choice. And they’re donating another 150 more vacations to other frontline workers, nominations through their site. Plays out clip to Margaritaville.

Ontd what are you doing for Mothers Day?

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