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Riverdale Roundup: Season Finale Interview, Camila Talks Dangerous Lies, Cole Grew a Mustache + More

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke with ET about the season finale and what's in store for the couples of the show next season.

-The three episodes that were left of this season before production shut down will just be moved to start off season 5 before the timeskip. Next season's premiere will be senior prom, which they had mostly filmed before production shut down

-On this episode becoming the unintended season finale: "I feel like [the videotape mystery] is a really good mystery, and it’s really about the town and about the kids, so I do think it’s nice that we’re gonna get to finish that."

-What's up with the couples next season:
Bughead - "Before graduation, they are going to have a very, very, very big conversation about their future. Since they’re going to different schools, so, they’ve got a very big, difficult conversation ahead of them."

Varchie - "[They've] got a very, very dramatic prom episode. A lot of stuff comes out at prom. You know, we haven’t heard or seen the last of the song that Archie wrote for Betty, and right at this moment where they should be celebrating everything, a lot happens. It’s pretty dramatic what happens at prom with Varchie."

Choni - "You know, Cheryl and Toni -- it’s interesting. In the prom episode, we sort of play them a little bit as Romeo and Juliet. Which is to say that Cheryl finds out that Toni’s family has some pretty strong opinions about Toni dating Cheryl. And we find out that Toni’s family hasn’t even known that Toni has been dating Cheryl, so they’ve got some star-crossed drama coming up soon too. There is definitely a lot of Toni’s backstory. We meet some of Toni's other family members. It’s a good story."

Barchie - "In a way, that liaison between Betty and Archie sort of reconfirmed Betty’s love for Jughead, and reconfirmed that Archie’s kind of confused about what he wants right now. So, we’re playing both of those really, really heavily in what would have been [episodes] 20, 21, and 22 -- which will be our first three episodes when we come back [for season 5] -- we’re hitting that story pretty hard. There’s a lot of drama coming for sure."

-Marisol and Skeet's last episodes will be next season due to the interruption in filming: "When all this stuff kind of started coming down, I called Marisol and I called Skeet and I said, 'Listen, guys, obviously we want to finish the episodes. We want to give you guys the goodbyes that we’ve written.' And I don’t think I told Skeet what his goodbye was gonna be like. I had told Marisol, and Marisol was like, 'Okay, but do I still get to do X?' And I’m like, 'Yes you still get to do X!' And you know, the truth is neither Hermione nor FP are going to die. My hope is that FP and [Hermione] are frequent visitors to Riverdale for as long as Riverdale continues. So yes, they will definitely be in those early episodes [in season 5], and hopefully, you know, we’re planning to have them both come back kind of like how we had Molly [Ringwald] this year."


Camila's latest film, Dangerous Lies, recently dropped on Netflix and had some ambiguity to it or was just poorly made. In the film, she plays a caregiver thrown into a dangerous situation after her employee passes away and leaves his estate to her. She weighs in on how she sees the ending.

If her character will keep the house: “By the end, I think in her mind it’s like, ‘Well, I deserve this!’ After all the craziness that happened. And you know, even Julia says there’s no one to contest it. There’s no one around to be like, ‘No, you can’t take this house.’ So really, it’s hers for the taking.”

About those hidden diamonds: “You know, we’ve been asked this question a lot and the more I get asked, the more I start to change my answer. But I liked playing it that she didn’t know. In a way, not didn’t care, but just considering how much drama there was around those diamonds, I think the idea of finding them and whatever that might bring and whatever responsibility might follow, I think is a pretty scary, daunting thought. So, in a way, maybe she’s totally fine not finding the diamonds.”

She also recently posted a silly behind the scenes photo


Drew and Vanessa teased a sample from their upcoming song "Sleep When I'm Dead" that'll be dropping next week. They're duo is called These Girls These Boys, and they're working on a mixtape.


KJ and former Riverdale actor Rob Raco, who are in a band together, had a little jam session


Cole has a mustache now



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