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The View: Sean Penn, Lauren Leander, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Idky but starting this week, all the hosts have a fake set background in their homes. They previously sat somewhere neutral and had nothing of any consequence within the camera angle. Lol. Shrugs.

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

The good news is the WH is now holding press conferences again, after more than a year of not doing so. The bad news is that the new racist liar press secretary said she’d never lie, then immediately lied. Oh wait, none of that is good news. When the press called out her hypocritical past comments, she provided a buffet of word salad without ever answering the question. Valet to T45 tested positive, so it’s ok for all of WH to be tested, but doesn’t matter for average Americans to be tested. One could argue the importance of roles but only to a certain degree, because citizens matter. Other countries are testing everyone en masse. They hired a propagandist because that’s her only talent. There’s been 1000% increase in suicide hotline calls, plus stats on unemployment. If we don’t have a plan for testing, tracing, treatment, it will be a catastrophe.

Plays another clip where press secretary doesn’t know about how tests and contagions work. More discussion on other countries who are testing at much higher rates per million people. Despite difference in population, the magnitude is still greater than US. The GOP used to complain about Obamacare death panels (that never existed) but now they don’t care who gets sick and dies because tests aren’t needed.

Hot Topic Ahmaud Arbery

Whoopi gives the background, panel rages. Sunny talks about her track star son, he jogs all the time, it hit home to her. All the DA are recusing from case because they know the men involved. A citizen’s arrest doesn’t warrant the vigilantism for an unarmed jogger. As a prosecutor, Sunny never -didn’t get- an indictment, so what is their problem. Biden can call it out but T45 hasn’t even addressed it. Feels it’s despicable. Joy calls out the vigilantism as well. Meghan thinks there have already been wake up calls, feels he was stalked and hunted. Citizens shouldn’t be in the business of arresting and shooting people on speculation. Feels like it’s getting worse and more egregious. Whoopi thinks T45 should say something, asks what would happen if it were two black men hunting and shooting an unarmed white man. Equates it back to T45 not thinking Americans need testing. He has no respect for American people.

Hot Topic Adele Instagram Post

Whoopi gives background, says it went viral due to her appearance. Meghan talks about the reaction to her weight, still perpetuates that you have to be thin to be valuable. It doesn’t matter her talent, she must look perfect. Worries what the reaction will be when-if people see her pregnant or after she has the baby and hasn’t lost the weight and that she expects backlash even more than she gets now [about her size]. Joy thinks it’s nothing new, compares to Barbra Streisand who is also brilliantly talented but she was mocked for her looks, where Frank Sinatra got a pass for his fake hair. Sunny thought she looked great before. People notice the change, but it’s a shame that she’s so scrutinized. Whoopi says look in the mirror before you comment on other people.

Hot Topic Resister ICU Nurse Lauren Leander

She went on her day off to counter protest at the AZ Capital, stood silently and featured in viral photo. Talks about being an advocate, healthcare workers still self isolating, wanting to provide a voice for her colleagues and those sick. LL said they didn’t hesitate to walk right in their face and yell at them about their grievances. They weren’t peaceful, they were coughing the -fake virus-, accused of being hired by the govt, taunted them to check on a supposedly ill person then when they checked, they were laughed at. People openly had firearms. Explains what she would want others to know about what they’re facing. Nurses are scared for states to reopen. Wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands should be a priority. No matter their political beliefs, if they showed up in their ICU, then they’d be cared for with open arms. Meghan talks about AZ specifically. LL talks about what she wants to see, what people should still take seriously, what it takes (and how many staff it takes) to treat the medically paralyzed. They’ve never treated people with virus as sick as this.

Hot Topic Sean Penn Charity Setting Up Testing Centers

Click here to learn more about CORE Covid19

Sean Penn non profit organization CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) has been working to set up testing centers across US (and globe) in absence of T45 admin doing anything for US. Sunny talks about SP setting up his organization in 2010 after earthquake decimated Haiti. SP thinks on federal level is that DPA (Defense Production Act) should be more robust to produce PPE and test kits. What concerns him the most is that there is info overload out there. Talks about combining forces with local govts. Able to test 1000s every day. Joy asks more about the active-shooter metaphor. SP explains the analogy that the virus is the active-shooter, and it’s disproportionately impacting poc, the elderly, and indigenous people. He doesn’t discount people’s right to make a living but it shouldn’t be at the expense of those ill, dying, healthcare workers, the science. There’s too much distraction [to keep people focused on the real culprit]. Revisits press secretary remarks. Whoopi asks about the states where they’re focusing. SP gives details, thinks CA had extraordinary leadership on this topic. CORE was able to replace people like firefighters, so they could get back to their normal job, and let this org handle testing process. Mentions other places who turned their business into PPE manufacturing. Feels even in the best of situations, the govt can’t handle it all, so that’s where CORE comes in as a supplement.

Ontd has your state reopened yet?

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