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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

18 (5) Times The Men Of “Friends” Were Honestly The Worst People In The World

The BuzzFeed Community was asked to help compile a list of the worst things the men of Friends (Ross, Chandler and Joey) ever did on the show. Here are 5 examples in no particular order.

1. When Ross refused to hire Sandy as Emma’s nanny because he didn’t believe it was an appropriate job for a man to have.
2. When Chandler made fun of Joey for knitting and Ross for wearing makeup instead of doing typical “masculine” activities.
3. When Joey thought the best way to sabotage his student’s chance of landing a role was to make his character gay.
4. When Ross felt uncomfortable with his son (Ben) playing with a Barbie doll, and tried forcing him to play with a G.I. Joe “action figure” instead.
5. When Ross didn’t get the annulment and legally stayed married to Rachel without telling her.

See the full list of examples at the source.

Tags: list, men are weak, sexism, television - nbc

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