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Warner Bros has a week to decide what to do with Tenet

Christopher Nolan -- who recently called movie theaters a vital part of social life -- is really hoping that his next film Tenet helps bring back audiences to theaters on July 17. Even the major theater chains are using Tenet as their kickoff film for their reopening and are hoping it helps revitalize the business.

But insiders are beginning to speculate that date may not happen and say Warner Bros has about a week to decide what to do with the films release date before it needs to start spending millions on marketing. The studio won't want to do that and then change its release.

While July still seems optimistic, cases of covid-19 are still rising around the country and many believe loosened restrictions in states like Texas and Georgia will backfire and set nationwide reopening plans back. The film has a production budget of $200 million and cannot afford to only play in areas less affected by the virus.

Even release dates for Mulan and WW84 are beginning to seem uncertain.


will you see this if it keeps its current date ontd??
Tags: covid-19, film, warner bros
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