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Who Were The Fifteenth & Sixteenth Contestants To Be Voted Out Of Survivor: Winners At War?

The fifteenth and sixteenth people to be voted out of Survivor: Winners At War and sent to Edge Of Extinction were...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Jeremy and Nick.

When everyone returned from Tribal, Jeremy handed the 50/50 advantage back to Michele. They both wanted Ben out, but didn’t know who else to trust since Nick was being his usual wishy-washy self. Tony and Sarah were trying to decide between keeping Ben or keeping Jeremy.

Ben told Jeremy to ask for the 50/50 advantage back, so they could get Michele out. He then told Michele that Jeremy couldn’t be trusted because, watch, he’ll ask for the advantage again. Of course Jeremy and Michele knew what Ben was doing. Was Ben this much of an asshole his season?

I wasn’t really sure what Denise was doing at this point. She didn’t seem to have an alliance with anyone. Michele and Jeremy wanted to vote Nick out now, believing they couldn’t convince anyone else to vote Ben. Tony, Sarah and Ben also decided on Nick. But the little turd ended up winning the first individual immunity challenge of the night, so that plan was out.

At tribal, Michele played her 50/50 advantage (it was the last tribal she could play it at). The coin landed on safe. Also, there was no whispering. The votes were read, and the fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Winners at War was Jeremy. He tossed his Fire Tokens in Michele’s bin and headed to EoE.

Over on EoE, there was one final challenge remaining. The contestants had to find a stone throne of some kind. Queen Natalie, having been on the island for 35 days, knew exactly what that meant, and found the advantage quickly.

The advantage was really a disadvantage. Whomever it was played on (anonymously) would have a disadvantage going into the next Immunity Challenge. Natalie decided to sell it to Nick for 8 tokens. Nick asked Michele for help, as he only had 6. He bought the disadvantage and played it on Ben.

Over at camp, everyone was making it pretty fucking obvious they wanted Michele gone now, and she knew she had to win the Idol. During the Immunity Challenge, Ben was given 30% more of the course than everyone else. He did catch up fast though, but Michele managed to edge him out and win.

What’s crazy here is that only Denise seemed to want to get Tony out. No one else discussed putting the votes on Tony. Are they all nuts? They must know that it’s pretty much his game to lose at this point, right? He’s got an idol too.

During Tribal, Denise told everyone that if she was the one being voted out tonight, she’d be okay with it, as it would give her a chance to eat, and then she could possibly return from EoE right after. The votes were read, and the sixteenth person voted out of Survivor: Winners at War was Nick.

After tribal, the show shifted back to Eoe. We got to see exactly how many tokens each player had. They were given a menu of sorts, where (for those who had tokens) they could choose which advantages they could buy. Natalie, having 14, was able to purchase the most (3). She also bought some peanut butter and shared it with Tyson. I had totally forgotten she also had TWO idols in her pocket. She gave one of those to Tyson as well. We were then given the gift of about 10 minutes of a recap montage, you know, because we all really needed to be reminded of how crappy and disappointing this season’s been.  

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