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22 Movie Openings So Undeniably Iconic, They Deserve Some Kind Of Award

1. Jaws (1975)
"That's one hell of an opening scene right there. Iconic."

6. The Dark Knight
"The first five minutes of this movie are some of the best ever filmed. It's such a perfect setup of the Joker."

12. Heathers (1988)
"The croquet scene perfectly sets up the Heathers, their hierarchy, and the tone of the movie — especially the shot of Veronica's head sticking out of the ground."

16. Inception (2010)
"100%. The awe and excitement I felt as it became clear what was going on was unmatchable. When they pushed Cobb into the water and the water started coming into the building in the dream within a dream? Incredible. Every time I show it to someone who's never seen it before, I'm a little jealous that I can never see it for the first time again, but at least I can relive it a little."

21. Hercules (1997)
"With the muses singing and the stunning animation? It's just amazing."

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what film do you think have a really good opening??
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