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The View: Gabrielle Union, Michael Tricarico, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum went on ABC and lied. Plays clip. Claims everything was everyone else’s fault, including Obama admin who left bad tests for a virus that didn’t exist when Obama was in office, but surejan.gif. He gutted the pandemic team Obama had put in place. He didn’t use the pandemic handbook that Obama had left new admin. He refused the WHO test, then tried to bribe Germany to make a test exclusively for US. Egads the list is so long. There’s no new ground covered. He lies and blames and blames and lies. Media pushes back some, but not enough. There are so many stories about the colossal ineptitude and cronyism and price gouging of this admin and even health depts admitting two companies forced employees to ignore guidelines but they won’t release the company names. Yesterday’s Honeywell visit with Live and Let Die playing, he’s sofa king pathological. Blah blah.

Hot Topic Haters in the White House

House wants to hold hearings but T45 whiney man-baby thinks the House hates him so he won’t let Fauci testify. Plays clip. He name checks Maxine Waters because of course. Panel debates whether now is the time, while in the midst of the pandemic, to de-brief on all the mistakes. Meghan spouts China propaganda. While true that China put it’s own interests first*, T45 sent them PPE instead of holding them for our own citizens. Furthermore, T45 is responsible for American citizens. We knew it was coming, and he didn’t do anything, now has to deflect and hide and more blah blah. Joy talks about Fauci being the scientist who can speak to all of this. Sunny says, whatever about China, they did tell the world 31 Dec and sent a genetic map of the virus on 7 Jan, so stop blaming them for US problems. Drags Jared Kushner who is second most inept incompetent person ever, tried to crowd-source supply chain of PPE. [Check ProPolitica article, your head will explode].

Whoopi tell analogy of pee in a pool, says we’re (T45 admin, US) being hypocrites to blame China for America’s problem with the virus.

*Read about 1918 Pandemic and why it got named the “Spanish” Flu, history repeats itself.

Hot Topic Hair Appointment Emergency

Dallas TX salon lady was given 7 days sentence for violating shutdown. Judge would suspend sentence if she admitted she was selfish. She refused. Skeptical that this particular lady and her hairstylists were actually ~going hungry, as if she knows real poverty or hunger. Her business and individuals are covered by PPP and unemployment. Sunny thinks there will be lawsuits, but it’s the govt fault if they didn’t have their budgets in order. Most states suffering are red states, so as usual the GOP doesn’t believe in actually balancing a budget and having a savings cushion that “citizens” are supposed to have. Meghan brings up Tucker Carlson show last night who dragged Neil Ferguson, the scientist who sounded the alarm. Ferguson was caught seeing his mistress while having covid and exposing her to the virus. Public officials and media getting caught defying guidelines that they put in place. We need to lead by example.

Hot Topic Gabrielle Union

Promotes her new children’s book Welcome to the Party. Her 18 mo old is nicknamed shady baby due to her sassiness on social media. Her book is dedicated to the surrogate who carried her daughter, due to GU infertility issues. Explains more about the book and how it relates to her own family dynamics. Feels that the black community is also disproportionately impacted even in the entertainment industry. Points out that people think of Hollywood as the wealthy A-B-listers but the call sheet of a TV show or film has a lot of people who don’t earn high salaries, regardless if they’re in front of or behind the camera. Average SAG AFTRA union member makes ~$54K per year across the whole industry, from jobs specifically in their craft.

Hot Topic Special Ed Teacher Michael Tricarico

More teacher appreciation week. Feels he has the best job in the world. Every day is different. He’s very bubbly. Finds home learning a struggle due to not being able to physically interact with them (a hug, in person encouragement). The View partnered with Lenovo to provide his students with laptops so they can all have distance learning available. Plays clip of teacher (safely) delivering new equipment to students. Lenovo also surprises him with a new computer.

Ontd how is your hair holding up?

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