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The View: Anthony Anderson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny. Meghan is out today due to technical issues with her set up

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

38 states are in some phase of reopening. Chris Christie says Americans have made sacrifices before, compares it to WWII. There will be deaths no matter what. People comparing this to nation-defense are stupid and should be /redacted/. But since it’s mostly GOP who are Give Me Liberty And Give Me Death, then shrugs let them. The rest of us are staying in. It’s not even the equivalent in executive decisions. A Potus declares -war- with approval from Congress, whereas Donald Dum Dum "takes no responsibility at all", and left it to the Governors to sort out. People and states pay taxes into federal stockpile, and also at the state level, so where is all the money - use it now. Protesters are angry at the wrong topic. Protesters should be mad that they paid into unemployment insurance was mishandled by the (mostly GOP) Governors so now their state is broke.

Hot Topic Degenerate Redneck Protesters

Armed protesters waving but also defiling the flag and not wearing masks and spitting on officers, gross. What happened to Blue Lives Matters from these neck beard yahoos? They were carrying nooses, confederate flags and N’zi flags. All these crazy people have been weaponized by the same party that put them in that position. Even Hannity called out the armed militia protesters at Michigan State Capital. Plays clip. People who protested the Vietnam war had flowers, not guns. T45 is instigating it, and (most) of the GOP is silent. How many unarmed black men who are maimed and killed. Yet these white racists aren’t handled the same way.

Hot Topic Biden Addresses Claim

Plays clip. Denies claim, said it was false, and called on Senate Archives to release any related personnel files. Panel discusses their opinion and wonders why Biden is addressing it and being accountable, but no investigation or reporting of T45 accusers. Joy says he’s done all he can do. He said he didn’t do it, and called on Senate to provide documents if they exist. What about VP vetting from 2008, anything from his time in Senate would’ve come out then. Doesn’t think he should step aside. The GOP doesn’t care about T45 so why the double standard [media, pundits]. Whoopi doesn’t think it’s surprising that her claims are being questioned, alludes to opportunities where she could have spoken sooner but didn’t. Sunny talks about the official complaint. Reade doesn’t have her own copy. Senate would be the only one who has official personnel files. The only files at Univ. of Delaware are personal files and notes, not employee related files.

Sunny reads Biden official statement.

Hot Topic National Teachers Week and Covid Slide

Celebrating the work and effort of teachers this week. Joy used to be a teacher. Suggests students be kept back a year, graduate a year later, what’s the rush. Referring more to the young ones, not the ones graduating this year. Sidebar to Mnuchin saying travel the US. With what, 2 weeks of food in your car? [I think the intent is to emphasize domestic travel, but no, not until all states reopened and everything ok].

Hot Topic Anthony Anderson

Talks about what he’s doing during lockdown. Exercise group with his friend-bros. Went vegan 3 months ago. Lost 17 lbs. Tells story about being with his family, and his early college days. Laughs about how babbies are made story. Talks about knowing Michael Jordan and their competitive games. Promotes Blackish season finale tonight, and hosting To Tell the Truth on 21 May.

Ontd how are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

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