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"Killing Eve" Producer Talks About This Week's Episode [SPOILERS], Sandra Oh Is Canadian

Killing Eve executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the end of this week's episode and what it means for the rest of the season.

Obviously, spoilers are here.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • Niko has had a target on his back since season one and actor Owen McDonnell knew it was coming but just not when.

  • While Eve has treated Niko horribly and he would have been justified in divorcing Eve, the decision was made to fridge him in order to propel Eve's story forward.

  • Dark!Eve activate! Gentle notes that "Eve has got a very deep darkness inside her" and Dasha would have to worry about Eve catching her, not Villanelle.

  • In trying to frame Villanelle, Dasha's plan may backfire because she doesn't understand as well as she thinks she does what the dynamic is between Eve and Villanelle. Eve will instinctively know Villanelle didn't kill Niko. So, Dasha is fucked.

  • She will not confirm whether Niko is really dead or not or if we'll see him again.

  • Between getting shot, and Bill, Kenny and now Niko dying in rapid succession, Eve's resilience will be tested. "At some point, she's going to crash."

  • Despite Eve telling Jamie about everything she has put Niko through, there is a chance she doesn't really feel guilty about it. Gentle explained, "I think she's closer to Villanelle in lots of ways," and as long as Eve can justify her obsession with Villanelle, there isn't much guilt there.

  • Bill, Kenny and Niko grounded Eve and now all bets are off. She was no longer the person Niko had married.

  • Villanelle hasn’t really cared that Niko might be in the way of her and Eve, he would not have stopped her. But what Villanelle would care about is if anything were to shake Eve’s perception of her,

  • Next week is very important for Villanelle's development as a character. "I think a lot of this season is about family in the sense of belonging, and where you feel comfortable. And episode 5 might challenge Villanelle as to what she really wants out of life and what feels good."

  • Characters are not done dying! Gentle says ominously: "There are a lot more people that we care about who have got it this year. And we're not over that yet."

And in much lighter news, Sandra Oh appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and played a game of "Is It Canadian?"

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