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ONTD Original: Underrated Comedic Performances

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Outside of movies that become financial and critical acclaim, most movies along with the performances do not receive the love they deserve. This list consists of some of my favorite comedic performances that most overlook or forget about. The list also consists of a few performances that were overlooked by performances in the same movie.

Lennie James (Sol), Gobbie Gee (Vinny) & Ade (Tyrone)

Snatch (2000)

[one more scene]

Possibly the best Guy Ritchie film (come at me Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fans) that involves I believe the best performances from the movie. The synopsis is:

"Set in the London criminal underworld, the film contains two intertwined plots: one dealing with the search for a stolen diamond, the other with a small-time boxing promoter who finds himself under the thumb of a ruthless gangster (Alan Ford) who is ready and willing to have his subordinates carry out severe and sadistic acts of violence."

With so many other more known actors like Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Dennis Farina and Benicio del Toro taking majority of the attention. These three hold their own in every scene they are in.

Jada Pinkett (Peaches Jordan)

Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)

[one more scene]

Many do not see her as comedic actress or even an actress now but in the 90s, Ms. Pinkett was everywhere in videos (“Keep Ya Head Up”), television (“A Different World”) and movies (“Jason’s Lyrics”, “Set it Off”, etc.). So, her performance in Low Down Dirty Shame as Keenan Ivory Wayans (Shame) friend/sidekick is ignored by most.

FYI (forgot to put this on there originally): Shoutout to Corwin Hawkins (he plays Peaches’ roommate Wayman) who also gave a hilarious performance but died before the movie was released.

Vivica A. Fox (Lysterine) & Jamie Foxx (Bunz)

Booty Call (1997)

[one more scene]

Honorable Mention

Thomas Mikal Ford (Mink)

Class Act (1992)

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Wikipedia - 1|2|3|

What are some of your favorite underrated performances, ONTD?
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