TERVEN WITCH (pigeons) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

WayV Beyond The Vision online concert tonight!

WayV, kpop company SM Entertainment's newest attempt to corner the Chinese market, are next up in SM's series of Beyond Live online concerts hosted on Vlive.

This is actually WayV's first proper concert, despite being debuted for more than a year! They've only had fanmeet performances and music show appearances before this. Tickets are $30 however, so if you, like OP, are dirt poor.... There definitely will not be plenty of people illegally streaming the concert and the links definitely will not be pretty easily found on twitter!

Not familiar with WayV??

Here comes your new favorite boy group!!!!

vid 1 vid 2 vid 3 vid 4 vid 5

ONTD will you be tuning in to WayVcon??? Let's pray for comeback news at the concert~
Tags: asian celebrities, live performance, music / musician
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