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ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching, Quarantine Edition - Harley Quinn

DarlingssSs! Today's rec is the best thing that DC gave us after shirtless Henry Cavill, the uber fun, violent and unapologetic:

Harley Quinn

Genre: Animation, Superhero/Antihero

Lenght: 30 mins

Why should I watch it?

Yesterday's episode was all about [MAKING FUN OF SNYDER FANBOYS!]
Yep you read that right! DC made fun of Snyder's fanboys and it was GLORIOUS!

Also, well this show reminds me very much of the Batman: Animated Series but without the nostalgia trick, it truly is THAT good! It has humor, violence and some "grown up moments", such as Harley's growth and realisation that her relationship with Joker was toxic, her relationship with Poison Ivy, and their path towards full anarchy (possibly domination of Gotham). This show is a gem, give it a try!

Where can I watch it?

  • DC Universe

  • Amazon Prime (you can buy/rent the series?)

  • Your usual places Ssnakey won't say

Sources: my gorgeous eyes and x y

ONTD, are you watching? Favourite superhero show/movie? Routine check: are you taking good care of yourself? Remember to drink 2lt of water everyday, work out a little and DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX!
Tags: animation, dc comics, ontd original, television
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