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Queer as Folk US' 20th Reunion Raises Over $20,000 for LGBTQ+ Centres Around the World

Scott Lowell (Ted Schmidt) organised a 20th anniversary online reunion for the US version of Queer as Folk in support of CenterLink — the Community of LGBTQ+ Centers. CenterLink works to assist new LGBTQ+ centers and strengthen existing ones around the world, including in Canada, the USA, China, and Australia. Lowell hosted the entire four-and-a-half hour reunion special with support from Peter Paige (Emmett Honeycutt).

Other cast members who appeared to reminise about the landmark series included:

  • Hal Sparks (Michael Novotny)

  • Robert Gant (Ben Bruckner)

  • Harris Allan (James 'Hunter' Montgomery)

  • Michelle Clunie (Melanie Marcus)

  • Sharon Gless (Debbie Novotny)

  • Randy Harrison (Justin Taylor)

  • Jack Wetherall (Vic Grassi)

  • Fab Filippo (Ethan Gold)

  • Makyla Smith (Daphne Chanders)

  • Sherry Miller (Jennifer Taylor)

  • Peter MacNeill (Carl Horvath)

  • Rosie O'Donnell (Loretta Pye)

  • and many others…

The reunion also included conversations with the writers, producers, hair & make-up crew (one of the highlights), and even a quick visit from Russell T. Davies himself, the creator of the original UK version!

In the end, they raised over $20,000 from the broadcast alone for CenterLink and there are currently a number of special items connected to the show being auctioned on CenterLink's site. A second auction will go up on Monday and will include items that cast and crew spontanesouly decided to donate during the reunion (including a bunch of Debbie's t-shirts!). Donations are still being accepted here.

I loved every single moment of this entire reunion and made sure I donated. Also, Randy Harrison hasn't aged a day and still looks incredibly gorgeous (plus, he was fantastic in Cabaret a few years back)! For anyone else who watched the reunion, what were some of your favourite moments? And what were some of your favourite moments from the series itself?
Tags: 2000s, charity, lgbtq / rights, lgbtq film / media, reunion, rosie odonnell, television, television - showtime

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