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The View: Dan Domenech, Paula Faris, Billy Porter, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

TidePodTrump© campaign took excerpts from Governor press conferences to splice the appearance that T45 is doing a ggrreeaatt job! Plays clip. [They don’t include that the federal government confiscated supplies meant for MA, and that MD has the National Guard guarding their masks from S Korea]. 1M confirmed cases, 30M unemployed, what a bubble he lives in. Panel drags T45 and admin for all their failures. Thinks T45 ego gets in the way and he’s self imploding, so Biden doesn’t really need to do anything (re/attack ads) but sit back and let T45 damage himself.

Hot Topic Some States Are Reopening Today

More discussion on whether it’s wise, some states are using phases based on science (testing, tracing, treatment) and consistent decline [recommendation is 14 consecutive days of decline] in cases and deaths, will there be a spike in cases, what about cross-state travel, and so on. Some debate on what constitutes an essential business.

*The only reason GA is forcing businesses to reopen is so GA can stop paying unemployment, because the state is nearly broke. There's a cap on max state tax, which would partially fund unemployment, and would require state congressional legislation to raise the state tax.

Hot Topic Another Naked on TV Gaffe

Hot Spanish news anchor Alfonso Merlos was reporting from his home, naked woman walks through camera angle. Not his g/f. Got busted for cheating. Panel laughs, feels like, yikes, people are trying their best, things will happen, mentions potato-face lady, but he shouldn’t have been cheating lol. The one not laughing is his g/f bloop. Did he want to get caught? Nah, that woman walked through camera angle to flaunt he was with her haha.

Hot Topic 12 Stages of Coronavirus

Meghan couldn’t sleep. Found comedian @fahimanwar doing a clip. he’s been a writer for Seth Meyers, Conan O’Brien. Does the 12 stages of coronavirus. Plays clip.

Hot Topic Broadway Dan Domenech Stranded at Sea

80K crew members stranded aboard cruise ships across the globe, due to virus. Dan Domenech is stuck on a ship for 50 days and counting. Passengers released but not crew members. [Their live feed is sketchy]. Talks about how it happened that he was on the cruise ship. Explains the conditions he’s living in. Sunny reads CDC guidelines for cruise ships. DD says no one on the ship is infected. They don’t know why they can’t disembark and return to home countries. They’re reaching out to everyone with a megaphone to get off and get home. Discussion on fellow Broadway star Nick Cordero who has a new baby, he’s in an induced coma and had his leg amputated as a result of the virus.

Hot Topic Paula Faris Wrote a Book

Former co-host talks about her days on the show and with GMA weekend, including the time someone threw an apple at her head on camera. She botched cutting her husband and one son’s hair, so other son won’t let her touch his hair. She had a lot of setbacks*, one after the other, which prompted her to write a book Called Out. She also ~claims people in SC are following state guidelines and social distancing [lol no].

*She got a concussion from the apple, had a miscarriage, a head-on car crash, the flu, which led to pneumonia.

Hot Topic Billy Porter For What It’s Worth

Billy Porter wrote a protest anthem For What It’s Worth and talks about how he thinks Broadway will bounce back. Talks about the impetus of the song, along with his own history of activism. BP debuted the video for the song during Biden’s Soul of the Nation event last weekend. Explains why he’s supporting Biden and the Democrats. Also had an Instagram fashion challenge referencing 2019 Met Gala using what they had in their home.

Ontd do you have naked time in your house?

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