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The View: Nathan Lane, Mary Bruce, Dr Simone Wildes

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Nathan Lane

Talks about Penny Dreadful: City of Angels on Showtime. They all chat about this that and the other. NL thinks Tiger King is an apt representation for the Tr’mp debacle. Explains why he thinks it’s a metaphor. NL says his character is the most complex character he’s ever played on screen. Talks more about that.

Hot Topic ABC Mary Bruce on Biden

ABC Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce. She talks about the allegations against Biden from 1993.

Summary: ABC has tried to corroborate Tara Reade story, which was at first stated as inappropriate touching, hugs, etc then included event where she alleges she was assaulted. MB says no paper trail, re/Senate personnel office. At the time of complaint, TR stated she felt uncomfortable, but didn’t mention assault. TR has no record of her complaint*, and they’ve (ABC) been unable to locate any document independently. TR was part of a group of women [last year] who talked about Biden being handsy but TR didn’t mention assault at the time. Her story has changed, her brother’s story has changed, a neighbor came forward but only knew about inappropriate touching. Biden campaign already denied the allegation as false. T45 has been accused by 17 women of harassment, assault and r’pe. T45 surrogates are using the info against Biden but T45 hasn’t said anything himself. Biden not on a campaign trail now facing questions due to lockdown, so less compelled to speak directly. Meanwhile Biden today announced his committee for VP pick. MB says he’s been in touch with [names already known]. MB says Biden may announce VP selection in June.

*When a formal complaint is made to the Senate personnel office, a document is signed as being accurate and complete by both the complainant and the office, with the complainant receiving their own copy. ABC is saying they can't prove existence of said complaint.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Narcissist in Chief© is itching to get back on campaign trail because it’s the only thing that feeds his ego. Serial killer face Jared says everythingisfine.gif and claiming success! 65K dead as a success is pathological but hey ho. T45 is planning racist rallies in AZ and OH, where his cult followers can get sick and not be able to vote for him. Go for it!

Hot Topic Dr Simone Wildes on Covid Testing

Talks about testing. Quotes some numbers, how many tests happening vs what should be done. Need to couple testing with other initiatives such as contact tracing. Dr thinks it’s too soon to open the states. Explains why. And if we open too early, then we have another surge which could overwhelm healthcare professionals again. Remdesivir discussion. Chinese usage didn’t show promising results, but their testing is showing it decreases duration of symptoms, even 1 day is helpful, and may lessen mortality rates. Antibody discussion. Not a debate that it exists so the question is that, due to it being a new virus, how long does it last and how much of an immunity does it provide. Explains details about the antibody test. It can takes days to weeks for antibodies to show up in the blood. Tests haven’t been reliable, still work needs to be done to validate the tests. Continue to wash hands, wear mask, social distance. More than 80% infected in GA hospitals are from black community. Dr talks about health disparity with black and brown communities. She outlines three factors that are affecting the higher % of infection.

Hot Topic Bad Wedding Singer

Bride-to-be went to reddit to get advice about wedding singer who doesn’t have a good voice. Joy has a friend with an awkward name, they lol about that. Panel tells jokes and talks about people they know who think they’re great singers and they’re not. At all. Sunny says one family member offered to sing at another family member’s wedding and took lessons. Then they got told No and it caused a ruckus.

Ontd can you sing?

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