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Big Hit's co-CEO lays out keys to BTS' success

- Big Hit’ Entertainment's 42-year-old co-CEO Yoon Suk-jun launched kpop kings' BTS social media strategy before the band’s debut in 2013. They drew fans to the seven members by opening up their lives on sites such as Twitter and YouTube with candid videos capturing ordinary moments that garnered hundreds of millions of views. “BTS were influencers before celebrities knew they had to be influencers.”

- Videos like these made BTS more relatable to fans. “K-Pop fans are multilayered. It’s not that they simply like the music or lyrics. It’s as if they’re dating the artists,” says Yoon.

- As the group polished its image, their songs explored issues such as school bullying, mental health, and even politics. “They show so much of themselves to us,” says a long-time fan. The group’s social media clout is a testament to Yoon’s early insight: BTS’ Twitter account boasts 19 million followers; its Instagram, 24 million followers.

- Yoon says Big Hit’s success comes from putting the fans at the center of its business model. “Good songs are important, but what fans really care about is communicating with their artists,” he says.

- But BTS' ARMY of fans decry Yoon's statements, saying they're not like other girls kpop fans and they didn't fall for Big Hit's savvy media strategy, but love them for their music.

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Do you need your idols to seem sincere, ONTD?
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