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The Challenge: Total Madness 35x05

Challenge: Bomb Squad
Teams of 4. Goal is to detonate a bomb. Player 1 will be in the car, reading math eauations to player 2. Player 2 runs to player 3. Player 3 decode the puzzle. Player 3 takes 3 rods to player 4. Player 4 must take the rods to a detonator. If the rods are correct the bomb will go off.

Winners/Tribunal - Josh, Jenny, Kaycee, Swaggy C

House Nomination - Jay
Tribunal Nominations - Nelson, Wes, Rogan

Purgatory: Fire Ball
Jay vs Rogan

Players must score the ball to the center of the ring.
Rogan slams Jay to the ground
To Be Continued...

source mtv
Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)

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