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The View: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic She’s With Him

Hillary Clinton endorsed Biden on his Town Hall yesterday. Plays clip. Joy thinks her endorsement is late (?) but thinks it will help. Joy tells story about her sexist friend, jokes with Meghan. Poll shows people trust Biden. Meghan thinks Biden should focus on rust belt. References Jared saying economy will be up and running in July which she thinks is a fantasy. Election may hinge on what happens with economy. Sunny wonders about second wave of virus affecting election. Mentions Ohio all mail-in voting, which turned out successful.

Hot Topic Justin Amash is the New Ross Perot

Pfft @ Libertarians. Amash has opened an exploratory committee to run for Potus as a Libertarian. Joy mentions Amash policies and voting record is more aligned with GOP not Democrats. People who are Dem won’t vote for Amash because of Amash positions. Meghan thinks the opposite, says Amash will peel off never-Trumpers who would otherwise vote for Biden.

Food for thought: Amash quit the Republican party because he was so aghast at Trump. If he’s going to run 3rd party (roll eyes), it’s certainly not to ~help Trump; he would just stay Republican or vote that way.

Hot Topic Pence is a Dunce

Pence refused to wear a mask during visit of Mayo Clinic. Claims he wanted to look people in the eye and thank them. Has he never seen or worn a mask, your eyes aren’t covered, and you can still hear conversation. Sunny says things. Instead of the wonderful work and things being done at Mayo Clinic, the narrative is Dunce Pence. Whoopi is also shocked Pence would disregard their own policy and the Mayo Clinic requirements. Joy thinks Pence is just sucking up to T45 who also refuses to wear a mask.

Hot Topic Why Couldn’t We Be New Zealand

NZ is where we all want to be right now. Down to 5 cases, reopening country. Meghan praises them again but calls out how NZ is an island with 5M people so it's easier to manage the issue. Moves to talk about Sweden, which has taken no action, and has the herd effect approach. Then likens Hawaii to NZ, re/covid management similarities. Whoopi thinks it’s about decisive action moreso than number of people.

Hot Topic Superman’s Son Will Reeves In His Underwear

Sunny says he’s the sweetest guy, jokes about what happened. Meghan also says he’s a nice guy. We should all be wearing pants, just in case. Meghan tells story of anonymous cable news hosts, one a man one a woman, who sat at desk and didn’t wear appropriate clothing (ratty gym clothes) below the waist. Joy tells story, she had on pants. Plays clip. Technology issue at Joy’s house the previous day. SNL tech skit comes to mind. Panel laughs about what happened and so on.

Hot Topic American Idol is Still on TV

Joy drops from this segment

Plays clip. AI panel talks about how they have sidebar text chats and how they’re handling the remote adjustment. KP talks about being pregnant during pandemic and what it’s like being quarantined with her family including young nieces with Legos everywhere. LB is also isolating with his family and sibling’s kids because they were already together when shutdown went into effect. Says it feels like running the mess hall in the military with all these boys and young men. LR has toured globally his whole life so being home for so long is foreign. Discovering things he thought he had lost. Tells a story from 1986-87. Elizabeth Taylor and George Hamilton dinner at LR house. ET says call this soul food place, turns out her regular order was fried chicken and collards. Then they were late and stopped at 7-11 to buy lottery tickets. Then another story about ET birthday party. Whoopi was at the same party, tells more story. KP explains how her hand sanitizer costume came about. AI talks about doing the show and blah blah, a few stories about certain contestants. Meghan ordered pink dye off Amazon, that’s her next move, asks KP about hair maintenance. KP shows her roots, says things. Sunny wonders if Lionel will rock his old afro look from long ago. Says he’s glad to at least have hair, says there are no bald love song singers.

Ontd do you still watch American Idol?

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