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Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr reunites on Instagram live and rewatch Roswell

Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr reunited on Instagram live yesterday and rewatched the episode "285 South" of Roswell season 1 a.k.a the episode that started the relationship between their characters Maria DeLuca and Michael Guerin. They previously rewatched the episode "Heatwave" (and was very embarrassed when watching their scenes). They spilled some tea about their on-and-off relationship when filming the show and also discussed their (still going) project Baron and Toluca.

285 South video 1/4 (the rest of the live and their Heatwave-rewatch can be found under source below).

Short summary of their lives thus far (they're planning to do more).

  • They had just starting dating when they filmed "Heatwave".

  • Brendan’s mom was on set for that episode (Heatwave), it made Majandra very nervous.

  • His mom was very distraught over Majandra’s sweeping abilities -or lack there of.

  • She went to him to rehearse their first kiss. They barely knew each other and hated each other at the time.

  • She said she needed to see what he kissed like to prepare herself for the actual scene.

  • She thought he looked like a sloopy kisser.

  • He thought it was very weird but agreed to do it, she left the trailer a changed person.

  • The hardest scenes to film during the show were the scenes when Maria and Michael got along and they were fighting IRL.

  • They have a weekly Zoom-meeting with Jason Behr (Max) och Nick Wechsler (Kyle).

  • Majandra apparently always thought Brendan had a hearing condintion because he always speaks so loud.

  • She just found out a few weeks ago that he doesn't, he just speaks loud lol.

  • When their characters got pulled over by the police in "285 South", Majandra thought they got pulled over for real.

  • "285 South" is their favourite episode.

  • Brendan struggled alot with his wi-fi connection when they rewatched 285 South.

  • Neither of them has seen the new show.

  • Their project Baron and Toluca is still active and they have a another trailer ready to be released.

  • Jason Behr popped by in the chat (during the live stream) and left some hilarious comments.

Their live while watching "Heatwave":

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