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The View: Amy Klobuchar, John Bessler, Babyface, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

A teenage intern produced a powerpoint slide for TidePodTrump© yesterday, who can’t stay away from the camera despite being globally humiliated over his drinking bleach debacle. Only 1-2% of US population have been tested so of course Donald Dum Dum calls this a great success. Meghan asked about full AA plane with no masks. Why aren’t people required to wear masks, why aren’t companies making effort to accommodate social distancing. T45 wants schools reopened. Joy worked as a teacher, has a child, and grandchild, talks about how easy it is that illness spreads in classrooms. Sunny doesn’t agree to open schools without rigorous plans, which aren’t in place. Never has an admin celebrated failure so brazenly and often.

Just today, VP Pence visited the Mayo Clinic and despite policy requiring everyone to wear a mask, and Pence being advised of this policy, he did not wear a mask /facepalm

Hot Topic NYC ER Doctor Dies

She was treating people @ renowned NY Presbyterian Hospital, got sick, got well, then went back to treating people. Then trigger warning [Spoiler (click to open)]she died by suicide. We can’t lose sight what a toll this is taking on healthcare workers. A plea for anyone who needs help to call the hotline @ 1 800 273 8255

Hot Topic States to the Rescue

Polls show people are relying on state and local leadership instead of federal government. Meghan talks about de Blasio. Elected officials need to follow their own requirements, or don’t expect to be re-elected. WaPo reported that T45 was provided warnings about coronavirus in more than a dozen PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) in Jan and Feb. So yet more evidence that 70 days passed with denial and no action. How many lives could’ve been saved had he acted quickly.

Context: a typical flu season ~ 40K deaths spanning a 7 month period. Coronavirus ~ 56K deaths and climbing in 6-8 weeks.

Hot Topic Amy Klobuchar and John Bessler

Amy is joined by her husband John who has recently recovered from covid19. JB talks about his experience, symptoms, quarantining in basement, recovering, lungs feel good now. His taste and smell is ok. Amy says the virus has caused him to not be able to clean the basement anymore /joke. Amy talks about how the disease took a turn with him. Finally he went to the e/r after coughing up blood, pulse ox was low, took 6 days to get test results back, was on a ventilator. She had to rely on healthcare workers to hold the phone or hold the phone, you can’t be with your loved one, it’s so lonely and she’s happy that he’s back. Meghan asks about him not being a typical high risk person, JB talks about knowing that you can be asymptomatic, everyone should follow the rules. Amy says he’s donated plasma as someone who has recovered. They (medical experts) hope plasma who recovered can be given to those infected as new treatment. Go to to see if you (or someone you know) can give, if recovered from virus. JB thinks we should be listening to the science. Amy says we can tune out TidePodTrump© but we can’t tune out the fact that we don’t have enough tests, PPE for frontline workers, that we don’t have national leadership. We can rant about what he says, but it’s more important what he has not done. Sunny asks about quarantine fatigue. JB gives advice on finding things to do from home. Amy says Honey-Do lists. It’s natural to be stir crazy but we have to follow the guidelines.

Joy brings up yesterday’s conference. Plays clip. T45 is a psychopath. He cannot even fake empathy or normal human emotion. Amy says the compassion lacking from the WH is disturbing, she also calls out that T45 said only he alone can fix things, but now he obviously can’t and dumped this back to Governors. T45 loves to blame other people. She plugs Biden candidacy. Sunny thinks people keep legitimizing him. Amy talks about true leadership competencies and thus what is lacking that we need. Meghan is disappointed this pandemic didn’t result in everyone coming together. Amy says things. These problems are solved by the election in November.

Hot Topic Babyface

Kenny Edmonds and his wife were both infected with and now recovered from the virus. B talks about the symptoms, doesn’t know where or how they got it. he performed at Mirage then came back home, had scratchy throat, went to ear-nose-throat doctor because he had more performances and then so on. His wife didn’t have symptoms at first, but eventually both were sick and tested. Talks more about taking the warnings and guidelines seriously. Sunny talks about his epic IG music battle with Teddy Riley, over 4M people watched. Says a ‘battle’ isn’t really his style but LA Reid called him, and others, convinced him. Glad he did, we all needed an escape. Two new announcements. 1-Hosting live IG Mother’s Day Special, and 2-new music coming out. Says he writes all the time, but hadn’t felt like it was worth putting it out. Talks about the Mother’s Day special. Now he’s teaming up with Michelle Obama with When We All Vote initiative, talks about that.

Ontd did you listen to the Babyface IG battle?

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