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Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Showrunner Suzanne Heathcote Talk About This Week's #KillingEve

Killing Eve showrunner Suzanne Heathcote and stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer talk about this week's show, specifically one scene and where the show goes from here.

  • In the first two seasons, KE chose to have the big Eve/Villanelle meeting happen in episode five, but season three showrunner Heathcote chose to go with the middle of episode three, saying "It needs to catch us unawares in the same way it catches Eve unawares."

  • Additionally, the decision to make the reunion/confrontation (their first since Villanelle shot Eve for rejecting her in last season's finale) largely nonverbal was intentional because the emotions between the two women were too intense for words, saying "It's too visceral. They both have gut-wrenching feelings toward each other: violence, attraction, the draw they have to each other."

  • Of the kiss, executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle says it was Eve's way of getting Villanelle's defenses down, but also it wasn't something she could no longer resist doing.

  • The confrontation made total sense to Sandra Oh, saying it shows how they are still connected and you fully see Eve's unrestrained fury and passion for Villanelle. Eve is also angry at herself for not being in control.

  • Jodie Comer says Villanelle's main factor was curiosity in knowing how Eve was doing and now having to accept that they are not in fact done with each other.

  • Sandra added, "For Villanelle, it's a great win. For Eve, it's a great loss. She wants to be in control...and she lets her cards show. She can't help it."

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