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ONTD Original: Kpop Groups Who Debuted In 2010.

F.Cuz - Jiggy (01/08/10) and ZE:A - Mazeltov (01/07/10)

Debut buddies: C.N Blue
Who was trending: Jokwon & Gain "We Fell In Love" & 2AM "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"
Where are they now?: I'll be honest about F.cuz, I have no idea. Most of ZE:A have found careers after disbandment. Leader Moon Junyoung (Lee Hoo) now promotes as DJ ZE:After. Minwoo is a soloist. Kwanghee is on Weekly Idol and does lots of variety shows. Siwan and Hyungsik are still acting. Heechul is now a streamer on Twitch.

The Boss (DGNA) - Admiring Boy (03/04/10)

Debut buddies: Queens
Who was trending: T-Ara "I Go Crazy Because of You" & SNSD "Run Devil Run"
Where are they now?: Technically, they are still together although most members are pursuing individual careers. Member Mika left back in 2018. I follow Hyunmin on ig and it looks like he's doing art rn.

Sistar - Push Push (06/03/10) and Infinite - Come Back Again (06/09/10)

June was THE MONTH for kpop debuts in 2010. Both acts who debuted alongside one another became sucessful.
Debut Buddies: Orange Caramel (After School subunit)
Who was trending: Wonder Girls "2 Different Tears" and IU & Seulong "Nagging"
Where are they now?: For Sistar, Bora left Starship and now promotes as an actress. Hyolyn left to start her own company and pursue a solo career. Both Soyu and Dasom renewed with Starship.
Hoya left Infinite and Woollim back in 2017 after long contract renewal discussions. He is now a soloist with Glorious Ent. Myungsoo left Woollim in 2019 but is still a member. All members, former and current are in the military except Myungsoo who is currently acting. Leader Sunggyu was discharged this January. Lee Sungyeol will be discharged later this year.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl (07/01/10) and Girl's Day - Tilt My Head (07/07/10)

Debut Buddies: Teen Top
Who was trending: Miss A dominiated the charts with their hit debut.
Where are they now?: Desipte a smash hit debut, and continued success, bad managment and the domination of Suzy as an "it girl" stunted Miss A. They disbanded in 2017 but by then member Jia had already left and they had only released one song after a solid three years of releases from 2010 to 2013. Jia is now back in China under Banana Culture, promoting as a soloist. Suzy has continued a steady acting career and left JYP in 2019. Fei has also left JYP and is now with Huayi Brothers in China. idc about Min.

Girl's Day has had some lineup changes since their debut, two members left early on and were replaced by Hyeri and Yura. Jihae left after "Oh! My God" promotions. All members have left Dream T in 2019 when their contracts expired. Hyeri has continued to do variety shows and acting. I'm not sure about the others.

Nine Muses - No Playboy (08/12/10)

Debut Buddies: GP Basic (I think???)
Who was trending: Secret "Madonna" and Homme "I Was Able to Eat Well"
Where are they now?: They've had a lot of lineup changes so I didn't track everyone down. I'm pretty sure they have all left Startship (good). I follow most of them on ig and, Sungah (joined later), Hyuna (joined later) and Eunji are all married or engaged. Eunji and Hyuna are expecting, and Sungah has had her child (a cute baby boy). Minha mostly does youtube and instagram stuff. I think Sera is also a youtuber and did a reaction video to No Playboy MV. Kyungri (joined later) is dating Jinwoon (former 2AM member) and still promoting as a singer/talent. Euarin is living that sweet rich kid life and posting pretty instagram pics and travelling.

Dalmation (DMTN) - Round 1 (09/01/10) and Coed School - Too Late (09/10)

Who was trending: 2NE1 "Go Away" and Supreme Team "Why ft. Young Jun"
Where are they now?: Dalmation only survived for three years which makes me sad bc I remember they had promise. Oh well, thats the kpop industry for you. Things came to a halt when Daniel was arrested for marijuana possession, he was sentenced to probation, and got married in 2018. Former leader Inati was at his wedding. Member Jeesu promoted as KIXS with Beautiful (A+), staring late Kara member, Goo Hara, before enlisting.

Coed didnt even last a year before being split into a girl group (F-ve Dolls) and boy group (Speed). F-ve Dolls only lasted until 2015 but at least they gave us Like This or That. After, Chanmi left and joined Pledis, then left and joined Doublekick. She took part in S1 of PD101 and ranked 26th. She joined Mix Nine but didn't make it (probably for the best) and then disappeared for a while and is now a soloist with FirstOne. Hyoyoung is the twin to Hwayoung (who joined T-ara and was a part of their bullying scandal), she left MBK after F-ve Dolls disbanded and is now an actress. There was some recent-ish controversy with them, as it was brought to light that they (the twins) were in fact the bullies. As for Speed, Taewoon (brother to Zico) joined Mix Nine after leaving in 2015. He too didn't make it to the top and is now a producer under the name "₩uNo" with MillionMarket. I believe Sungmin is now an actor.

src: v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v8.1 v9 v9.1 v10 + my failing memory and who I follow on ig 
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