Esther (pilotis) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Top 10 Celebs Who Destroyed Their Career With One Post

Social media can elevate you to the top of the celebrity food chain and destroy you just as quickly!

#10: Amanda Bynes. After she announced her retirement she shortly after tweeted her infamous Drake tweet:

#8 Perez Hilton. He posted a link to an upskirt photo of then underage Miley Cyrus.
 She was 17 at the time. He has also called countless female celebrities bitches, hoes, whores and sluts and drew jizz on pictures of their faces using Microsoft Paint.

#9 Iggy Azalea. Homophobic tweet:

#7 Jason Biggs. (American Pie) Disgusting tweet about Paul Ryan's wife:

#5 Azealia Banks. Well...there's a LOT to say here obviously but the video focuses on the 2016 Zayn Malik scandal where Azealia posted the following racist tweets, among others:

#4 Ceelo Green. He was accused of sexual assault when he gave a woman ecstasy before sex, raising issues of consent. She claimed to have no memory of the night. His response:

#2 Roseanne Barr (starring actress in show 'Roseanne' 1988-2018) called Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett the following:

#1 Kathy Griffin. Posted a picture of her holding a mock severed Trump head. (idk how this became #1 compared to the others but sure lol)

Who's number 1 to you, ONTD?

Tags: amanda bynes, azealia banks, cee lo green, celebrity social media, iggy azalea, kathy griffin, zayn malik

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