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YouTuber D’angelo Wallace clocks Shallon Lester, who then claims to have been doxxed by him

You (sorta) asked, I submitted.

YouTube Drama Alert: Shallon Lester is a “drama” YouTuber who focuses on celebrity gossip and “self-help” videos. D’angelo is a YouTuber who does reaction videos, among other things. Shallow has a messy history and has been accused of stigmatizing mental illness, being straight up racist and making inappropriate comments about minors (a lot of that is discussed in D’angelos video). After this video is uploaded, she goes on to claim that D’angelo doxxed her by posting her address and phone number online and that’s why she blocked him on Twitter. She also said that she does not feel comfortable providing evidence that he did so but that she was in contact with the police.

[Shallow’s Statement] Hello my little shower liners! I wanted to just comment on what's going on, HERE, to you guys, the ones I actually care about, not drama-seekers using my name for clout on YouTube.

1. I have been listening to your feedback through all this and I hear you: you want more positive videos and less arm-chair diagnostics. That's totally cool with me, I WANT my channel to be a place where you leave feeling better, not worse. So I'm taking that note and will put it to use!

2. I blocked D'Angelo because he posted my address and phone number on Twitter. I've had zero contact with him, never heard of him, and he's doxxing me. Whatever you think of me, that's not okay.

3. I am never, ever, going to do a "clap back" video about any of those people. Not ever. Anyone who wants me to is no different than someone circled up outside a bar shouting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Dress it up as "WOW thought you were DIFFERENT" however you want, but you're here for the drama. I'm here for the growth.

4. Did I post a rather lame weird tweet TEN YEARS ago? Yes. I sure did. I guess I was lame and weird 10 years ago? I mean, I def was! I was in the throes of depression, just out of that abusive relationship I've discussed, a cutter—just a mess. But through therapy and medicine, I changed my life. Ask yourself who you were a decade ago and if you're different now? And if you are different and better, have I and the support of the Shallontourage helped you become that better person? I want everyone to feel they have the room to grow, and I'm working to provide that to myself as well.

Like I said, I care about what you guys, actual Shalloners, think. Because my true fans are thinking women. We're growing women. We're bold, bad ass women and those kinds of women, well, we ruffle some feathers.

If I've been ruffling your feathers, I'm sorry. Just know I take this all seriously. I'm super new to this profession and I know I seem like I should have it all figured out but who does? I truly admire each and every one of you and you make me better, as I (hopefully!) make you better too. Shower liners provide crucial support to each other AND the bathroom :) I'm not going to make a habit of responding to these types of things, but I want you to know I hear you.



Sorry that this isn’t better summarized (TL;DR). I just discovered that these people exist today. This is what I gathered searching online for about 15-20 mins.

She’s also racist and recently pissed off ARMY.
[Her extremely racist and ignorant remarks behind the cut]In a recent (but now deleted) video, she held up a poster of BTS and said, “We have the women of BTS!”

“Look at these people,” she continued. “I don’t even know what to call them — boys or girls — because I don’t know what they are.” She went on to critique the group’s hairstyles and wondered how fans can tell them apart.

“You are an Asian man,” she said about Jimin. “You don’t need to look like a girl named Ashleigh with chunky highlights and blue eyes. You’re allowed to look like an Asian man, with dark hair and dark eyes.”

In another clip, Shallon looked at a poster of MONSTA X. “There’s no way that these are different people,” she said, before proceeding to criticize the group’s fashion choices and looks.

In conclusion: 🚮

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