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Ariana Grande is tired of her 15 year old TikTok impersonator

Paige Niemann is a TikTok star who rose to fame on the app impersonating Ariana Grande's look but dubbing her voice over with scenes from Ariana's days as Cat Valentine. She's gained 6 million subscribers and has over 100k+ followers on IG.

Ariana initially found it weird especially the usage of Cat Valentine scenes. On Thursday, Ari took to her IG to share a video from filmmaker Jordan Firstman, who was doing his impression of TikTok memes and how they "degrade and devalue" art and work people have put into music, movies, and media all for quick viral video memes.

Adding to the video she posted Ariana wrote:

omg can this please also double as your impression of the pony tail TikTok girls who think doing the Cat Valentine voice and that wearing winged eyeliner and a sweatshirt is doing a good impersonation of me...cause this really how it feels.

Paige says she is used to Ariana shading her and that she isn't a fan but continues to make videos copying her look regardless.

Do you look like any celebrity ONTD?

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