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James Van Der Beek & Krysten Ritter - Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 Instagram Live Reunion

Today James Van Der Beek and Kysten Ritter did a Instagram Live. Only part 3 is on Jame’s IG. They had to do the live 3 times bc they keep freezing up
They discussed “Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23”, Jessica Jones, their career and more.

Don’t Trust the B
• Both LOVE and enjoy working on the show. Said the cast was perfectly casted.
• Krysten talked about how she saw a deadline article about the show and one thing lead to another and eventually she got the part.
• James got the part after Krysten. He said he wanted to make his character ridiculous since if he makes it sad, people will feel sad instead of laughing at his character.
• James’s favorite ep was the sex tape one. Kysten’s was the people magazine one.
• They want to do a reboot but timing is difficult. But love to do it.
• When the show creator went into an event and asked how many ppl watch the show and everyone raised their hand but when asked who watched it on their tv live, no one raised their hand. They mentioned how the show didn’t get on a streaming perform screwed them up.

Career talk
• Krysten lives in the house that James once did a magazine shoot. He said when he was like 20, he didn’t have a house for them to shoot in so they got him a house to do. When Krysten was doing Apt. 23, she needed a place to stay and eventually she got the house James’s talked about.
• They spend a lot of time talking about their career trajectory, not in a boring elite way but in a way about how they figure what they wanted their career to be. They talked about always being onll the time.
• Krysten was a teen model and she quickly figured that it wasn’t lifelong career. She spent a lot of time talking about finding a way to keep her career sustained.
• She said during season one of Jessica Jones she was exchused due to the hours of filming, the emotional and physical work. Netflix was new in Marvel shows. She noted that Jessica Jones was a dark character who has been though a lot and that affect her. Eventually, she found out a way to make it work during season 2.
• Krysten and Nahnatchka Khan was working on a show about seven murderers who form their own support group based on the novel, SKA: Serial Killers Anonymous, which follows.
• James is writing and producing his own show.

James and DWTS
• James said when his character was supposed to be eat pot brownie but they had to change it to him drinking mushroom tea.
• James mention that he did DWTS bc he always want to dance and to do it in front of an audience. He talked about the day he was eliminated, how the judges wouldn’t look him in the eye. Tom Bergeron said in his 28 years/season of hosting, he never seen an reaction to him leaving like this before.
• James says he has DWTS PTSD lol.

TLDR: They would love to do the show again. James and Krysten are good friends. Just watch it, James’s voice is so soothing to listen too haha.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL5YmuZrNpA
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