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A Star Wars Oral History of Ahsoka Tano

George (Lucas) said “This is going to be Anakin Skywalker’s padawan because I want him to have a padawan. People don’t expect that and it will add a way to give him somebody to teach.”

(Ashley) Eckstein: I do know that at one point they were considering the name Ashla, which is just weird since my name was Ashley.

She voices Ahsoka and I didn't realize until right now when she said "I was in "That's So Raven" that she was Muffy, a side character).

(E.K) Johnston, the author of "Ahsoka", "Queen's Shadow", and "Queen's Peril": In terms of girls specifically, The Clone Wars gave a whole generation of fans their Rey moment a lot earlier.

(Film purists wouldn't know until Force Awakens. Of course, there were men complaining about 'GIRLS IN STAR WARS', but the creators were like 'calm down and wait')

Also someone says "The movies have such great female characters in lead roles such as Rose Tico!" which made me go 🤔 define 'lead', buddy.

Of course, Ahsoka came back in "Rebels" (somehow), and now, with Season 7 of the Clone Wars, we get to see (how). No word on if she will be in "The Mandalorian", as Filoni doesn't know.

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