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The View: Ellen Pompeo, Dr Jake Deutsch, Dr William Robinson, Dr Elvis Francois, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden VP Pick Again

Biden exploratory committee for VP pick will begin in earnest 1 May. HRC announced Kaine for VP on 22 July. People are bored at home and have ADD so they want to know EVERY DETAIL throughout the process to get them excited. Joy says DonaldDumDum has provided enough excitement to voting against him to last a lifetime. Joy continues to not listen to, or understand, the crux of the question. The excitement is about the process, not the pick, in this context. Meghan paid attention, touts Biden retail politics, which he doesn’t have the opportunity during the pandemic. Also Biden has mentioned possibly announcing Cabinet early. Could be invigorating if it includes Dems, Ind, Repubs. Sunny thinks Biden's biggest hurdle is getting turnout, and she’s encouraged by his commitment to select a woman, and she talks again that it should be a black woman. Meghan talks latest polls in swing states, and rust belt turning against T45 due to economic hits.

[Can’t believe I’m saying this but Meghan was the only one who understood the question lool].

Hot Topic Female Leaders Are Better

Silveria Jacobs (St Maarten), Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand) are voices of reason and decisive action. Plays clip. What are people afraid of? Meghan doesn’t know the answer to why people are threatened by strong women. Talks more about Ardern and her high trust % amongst citizens, a role model for Meghan. Sunny wants to hear the unadulterated facts, which we never hear from T45. Brings up Germany Angela Merkel. Joy thinks Merkel is the leader of the free world right now. Even Queen Elizabeth inspired people with her compassion and strength despite not being a decision maker. Joy gives props to female journalists, lists several @Yamiche, @PaulaReidCBS, @KaitlanCollins, all are going up against T45 with great questions.

Hot Topic What Are You Wearing At Home?

Mental health experts recommend keeping your work routine like dress code and work hours. Behave like you would at the office. Sunny sometimes wear pajamas sometimes leggings, front of hair combed not always the back. Not going to mailbox without pants. Meghan is wearing inside-only sweatpants. She likes the ritual of the morning. It’s been harder for her to adapt. Misses the formality of work. Joy laughs, says her bra is so tight, her friends told her to lean forward and only shoot herself (in camera) from neck up so she can go braless.

Hot Topic Ellen Pompeo and Hot Doctor Jake

Ellen Pompeo enlisted her friend Dr Jake Deutsch [Founder, Cure Urgent Care] did IG live to get message out to young people about what they should be doing. Take staying home seriously. Dr D tested positive. He talks about his experience. Had double pneumonia that lasted two weeks. Attempted to reach parts of the community that wouldn’t listen to press conferences. Dr D explains at what point you should consider going to E/R, lists examples. They ask EP what she thinks about this and that related to protests or reopening. [Who cares? What even]. Joy asks about the drug cure promoted by T45. Dr D talks about his experience and recommendation.

Hot Topic Singing Doctors Robinson and Francois

The two Doctors from Mayo Clinic talk about how they met, and how their singing came together, which led to viral clip. Dr Francois is from Haitian descent, his father is a NY cab driver, his mom is a nursing assistant. Dr F talks about his life.

Second clip, they perform Lean on Me with clips of first responders and health care workers

Shockingly, there was no discussion about TidePodTrump© [I think they changed clothes and pre-taped today's episode earlier this week]

Ontd can you believe this is the dumbest timeline ever?

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