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ONTD ORIGINAL: Stan Life - Notable Stans of Notable People

I had this idea since before The Sickness hit (my comments say Feb. 14th), and thougt, finally to make it. Because if it wasn't for these people, I probably would not know that most of these people exist, as I rarely watch television or listen to top 40 hits.

I don't watch Riverdale (is that what it's called), but thanks to alienjive (I don't know which of your accounts to ping), I do know about Madelaine Petsche. Vaguely. A little. MTV has apparently given her movie awards, but I couldn't tell you in what. (That's not intended to be shady, it's me just not being 'with it' with the youth). She has lovely hair, and apparently can pull a bow and arrow.

Latest post - 'Riverdale 4x17 Sneak Peek'

For the longest time, I vaguely just scrolled pasts posts by this person...until yesterday.

I don't know about Bret Michaels, don't have anything against him, but when[Spoiler (click to open)]He was eliminated from The Masked Singer, I knew there was only one person whose views I wanted to see -  hotties_chicken.

It was their lone persistence that made me realize "Oh, this man is real? Other people besides that one person knows him?" (Remember, I'm not hip on pop culture) that entertained me far more than the actual broadcast. We thank you!

Pictured: Not Bret Michaels

Latest Post - A Living Legend was Eliminated from 'The Masked Singer'.


While making this post, I was going *Ok, we have that person, that person, oh this may be too short...WAIT", because I had forcibly erased the object of their affection from my memory forgoten the #2 Ansel Elgort stan (after himself), tucker ! If Ansel makes more music, I'm sure they will be the first to let us know.

Can't top this tbh.

Latest Post - Ansel Elgort Posts Nude for Charity - But At What Cost?


I'm not looking for a gif of Jeremy Renner, so I'm counting on Lone Stan fotografa to share one with us. He's out there making music.

Latest post: Rennsday Renner Update  - Music Video Edition


Every time I see Chris Evans has done something, I think two things :

"Oh, he's still out there doing things? Well, good for shannenb!"
(Also until right now, I thought your username was shannie_b. Is someone's UN that? Is this a Berenstain / Berenstein situation??)

She even met him at a con, I remember the post!

I don't really know what Captain Both Sides is still doing outside of the MCU - Red Sea Diving Club? Did that come out? I hope people enjoyed it if so! OH wait, duh, there's "Defending Jacob" on Apple TV+! I was even in the post about it - "also lol @ the majority of apple tv posts being from two people about two different shows".

I suppose we are single handedly advertising Apple TV+.

Latest Post: Chris Evans has the best advice for staying home in the Coronavirus Era


Maybe this is a recent development, or maybe #ONTDdoesntRead (and by ONTD I mean me), but when A24 finally releases " The Green Knight " with Dev Patel, I'm sure wellalr1ght will be the first to let us know.

I'm taking this gif from the roundup because, could I really find a better one? Could I? Bc apparently today is his birthday as well!

Here are trailers for his latest movies, "The Green Knight" and "The Personal History of David Copperfield".

Gone but not forgotten - Apparently still among us mario_06 and Eminem!

src: you and your faves. nothing but 98% love for ONTD fam. Who am I missing?
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