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The View: Jay Inslee, Barry Sanders, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Sunny has field mice. Has a new cat, Luna. Sunny wants to save the mice, Luna wants to eat the mice. Plays clip. Joy thought it was a mongoose. Says Sunny needs an exterminator. Whoopi is hearing things in her walls, no longer has a cat, she’s not getting up to check. Meghan has no wanted or unwanted animals at her house.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum was especially dum dum yesterday. T45 said Dr Redfield was misquoted. Dr Redfield, I was accurately quoted in the article. T45 said we won’t have the virus anymore. Dr Fauci, Yes we will have the virus again. The panel rants about his campaign lie rallies. T45 speaks 63% of the time instead of the scientists, confusing people to think everything he says is accurate. We shouldn’t watch in real time. We should expect another wave to be compounded with natural flu season that runs October to April-May. 26M are unemployed so what are we going to do for these people. Stimulus packages can only go so far. Then Dr Bright was removed and demoted (and filing a whistleblower report) because Dr Bright wants science and research to determine treatment, but he was kicked out because his approach didn’t align with the guy who thinks the noise from windmills causes cancer. Joy thinks T45 should resign which will of course never happen.

Hot Topic Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Died From Coronavirus

[Mentioned at the end of previous segment on live show but no separate clip]

He passed on Tuesday evening, RIP and Tweet thread

Hot Topic Las Vegas Mayor is Cuckoo for Coco Puffs

This was talked about in yesterday’s The View post comments. No new ground to cover. Mayor said casinos should reopen, but it wasn’t her job to make sure they could do so safely. [Spoiler: it is exactly her job]. And that Las Vegas should be a control group. Yikes. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak stepped in and did damage control.

Hot Topic WA Governor Jay Inslee

Inslee talks about how he had a lot of scientific experts advising him and took very early action to help flatten the curve. Waiting for a continued decline to lessen stay at home restrictions. Same mantra from [most] Governors, Testing-Tracing-Treatment. Thinks new info that earlier deaths occurred in CA solidifies the expert opinion that it was around before it could be diagnosed due to inability to test. Thinks of reopening as a dial, not a light switch, eg clicks in phases. Sunny asks about quashing the internal rebellions. Inslee says they have huge compliance, and they explain to the handful of detractors why it’s important. Thinks it’s dangerous to proceed like GA, SC, and TN, explains why.

Joy wonders why McConnell thinks states should file bankruptcy instead of taking stimulus money. Lol because KY (McConnell) is a bailout state, whereas most blue states contribute more to federal government than they take. [NY Cuomo also dunked on McConnell re/this topic, in his daily briefing]. Inslee endorsed Biden yesterday, timed it for Earth Day. Inslee says nice things about Biden. Waited on purpose, to highlight strategy and plans to address climate change, which is Inslee’s paramount issue.

Hot Topic Barry Sanders Remote NFL Draft

In addition to being remote, the NFL also eliminated the dress code so draftees don’t have to worry about Who Wore it Best. Sanders played for the Detroit Lions and says this that and the other about the draft itself and being in the NFL. BS was drafted in 1989 and talks about how it used to be in his day. There will also be Draftathon, sponsored by the NFL, which will benefit healthcare workers. Garth Brooks wore a Barry Sanders 23 jersey, goobers thought he was wearing a Bernie Sanders endorsement shirt and it became a ~thing. Whoopi lols at the goofs. Barry talks about how he and Garth go way back.

Ontd do you like Coco Puffs? What is your favorite cereal?

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