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Who Was The Thirteenth Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War

The thirteenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Winners At War and sent to Edge Of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Sophie:(

The episode started with the majority alliance upset with Jeremy for leaving tribal, when they were clearly gunning for him. Such bullshit. The meat shield alliance was dead completely, with zero explanation as to what even happened that caused Tony and Ben to turn on Jeremy and Tyson.

Tony started searching for idols again, in the dark, and of course he found one. Yawn. We then had Sarah telling us about herself, like anyone gives a shit... and all these other fools put on the most cringe-worthy fashion show for her. Cue the Survivor soundtrack.

Tony then tried to trick everyone into thinking he was on Jeremy’s side and never voted for him. Fortunately for Tony, Jeremy seemed to fall for it, but Kim wasn’t having it. She saw right through his double-agent bullshit.

Over on EoE, Natalie and Parvati came across a wine bottle with a clue to the next advantage, which they found under the camp. It would block the target from voting and they would also have to leave the tribal. But, it was extortion, so whoever they decided to sell it to would be the person to be blocked, UNLESS they’d pay the fee. Six tokens.

Tony successfully tricked a forever gullible Jeremy into giving him 1 token. Nick and Ben made up the balance.

At the immunity challenge, Jeremy tripped and Tony won, giving him 2 tokens as well.

The target was now, again, Jeremy. Kim knew how hard Tony was playing Jeremy, but also realized there was no longer any point in staying in that alliance. She easily integrated herself with the majority alliance, and the plan was to split votes between Jeremy and Michele. Denise also didn’t want to risk trying to save Jeremy again.

Tony then decided he was actually going to vote for Sophie. He told Jeremy everything (how Kim and Denise flipped, and how they were all going to split votes). Now, the one time Tony was telling the truth, Jeremy didn’t believe him. Jeremy, I think you’re great, but what are you even doing right now?

At tribal, it was all about big moves, and what wrong things people try to add to their resumes.

The votes were read, and the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Winners at War was... Sophie:(

She tossed her Fire Tokens in Sarah and Kim’s bins before heading to EoE.

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