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The View: Stacey Abrams, Pitbull, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Ana

More behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Ana is in Miami. Wearing a turban because her hair is crazy. Tried to color her own hair, it failed. Bought turbans in every color, an homage to Lucille Ball. 17 colors for $29.99 lol. Was isolating with her husband, he was carrying a bunch of amazon boxes, missed a step, tore his knee, thanks the medical staff, has been his caregiver 24x7. It’s hard! Rough 10 days with a lot of pain but has turned the corner recently.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Racist in Chief© says blah blah on his fake immigration ban. Which excludes sharecroppers and healthcare workers. Claims it’s for 60 days to protect foreigners from getting US jobs. Lol nobody is hiring, who is he kidding. Most VISA processing centers are on lockdown, so he’s not really doing anything, but a dog whistle to his racist followers, and a distraction. 25% of doctors in US are immigrants. T45 answer to anything is to scapegoat non-white foreigners. Brings up Boris Johnson who just thanked two immigrants for saving his life from covid19. What’s the point of closing the border, and which one. All the food you’re getting has been partially because undocumented immigrants or day workers are in the supply chain, risking their lives. Sunny thinks it’s a hazy deflection that doesn’t really accomplish anything. Her husband is a doctor from Spain, he’s trying to stigmatize immigrants from types of jobs that are either exempt or in industries not hiring.

Hot Topic Stacey Abrams Really Really Wants to Be VP

She’s in Atlanta. I don’t mind her, but she doesn’t say anything revolutionary. They talk about Governor Kemp reopening GA this week, which does not meet the admin’s own criteria of 14 days consecutive of declining numbers. GA is 8th largest state, 14th highest rate of infection, 43rd in testing. Touts the same 3Ts said by sane leaders – Testing, Tracing, Treatment.

Then they talk about her possibly in the running for VP. She outlines the reasons she should be on the Biden ticket, and particularly a woc to represent the most loyal voting block for Democrats.

Hot Topic Pitbull the Musician Not the Dog

Touts his pandemic anthem I Believe That We Will Win. Talks about the lyrics, how the song came about, and how the proceeds will go to charities that support people impacted. Hopes to use the universal language of music to help people cope and heal.

Ontd what music are you listening to? How many times have you played Fetch the Bolt Cutters?

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