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ONTD Original: The Best Show You Aren't Watching, Quarantine Edition -Travel Man

My darlingssSS, as we are stuck at home many of us are missing the excitement of travelling. When are we going to travel again? I don't know, but what I do know is that we can still "travel" with our imagination. So darlingssSS, join your favourite Snakey on a trip with ONTD's king Richard Ayoade, today's rec is:

Travel Man: 48 hours in..

Genre: Travel Documentary

Why should I watch it?

Because Richard Ayoade. If that isn't enough to convince you well shame on you!

Richard Ayoade, together with a different guest for each episode and destination, travels around and visits wonderful cities for 48 hours. The show has a dry humor and a fast pace, and it is of course coloured by Richard Ayoade and his humor and personality. The best thing about thsi show (imho) it allows you to indulge in mini breaks and shows how much you could spend. However, since travelling wont be possible for the foreseable future this cute little fun show can be excellent for a bit of escapism, and take you (at least with just your imagination) to different cities while you are stuck in your home. The show has 43 amazing episodes, and has had as guests many of Ayoade's former costars such as Chris O'Dowd and Noel Fielding among others.

Disclaimer: Our sweet king decided to leave the show after this season (s10), because he'd rather "stay home" (source). So I guess technically the show does continue, but since i do not care for Joe Lycett I am just going to pretend that the show has ended.

Here's a little taste to convince you to watch this show and "travel" with me:


Where can I watch it?

  • All4 (only in the UK)

  • Amazon Prime (not US)

  • Youtube (some episodes)

  • Hulu (according to google!)

  • Your usual places sSnakey won't say

ONTD, where would you like to travel (if you could)?  What was your favourite trip/destination? Routine check: did you drink plenty of water, exercised a bit and took care of yourself?

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