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The View: Larry Hogan, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Southern states with Republican Governors GA, SC, TN are doing the most to alienate or tragically kill their primary demographic because sane Democrats are going to stay home. GA in particular is in a pickle given their Governor says he didn’t know for 6 weeks after pandemic started that infected persons could be asymptomatic, despite Fauci saying it repeatedly and the CDC is in his own backyard. Plays clips of his clownery. How do you enforce social distancing when you’re getting a massage or getting your hair done?! People from these states should be required to stay in-state. How is a tattoo parlor an essential business? Georgia you could’ve had Stacey Abrams!

Hot Topic Scandal Nancy Pelosi Has Ice Cream In Her Freezer!

Congress is close to a new stimulus package. Meanwhile T45 blamed Pelosi for holding things up, launching an attack ad. They’re mad because Pelosi was on James Corden, her freezer has several flavors of ice cream. OH MY GODDDD. Break out the TanSuit© DijonMustard© memes from days of yore. /Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now the horror, the horror/ The ice cream comes from a small business, and she’s fighting for small businesses to get what they need. The Democrats are fighting for xyz so this attack ad is only a distraction. Meanwhile Donald Dum Dum talks about how loved he is. Meghan thinks optics are bad. Idky she thinks Pelosi’s refrigerator costs $24K /shrugs. Meghan moves to attacking AOC about a tweet, that AOC then deleted, re/oil collapse. Sunny thinks this is typical Fox News gotcha nonsense, she’s more worried about the bodies in NY. T45 and his admin failed to address it properly so what does that have to do with Pelosi and her favorite snack [and considering these stimulus bills would be less needful if T45 had acted quickly].

Hot Topic MD Governor Larry Hogan

He’s also President of the National Governors Association [they’re holding regular calls with all Governors to coordinate actions and getting supplies, so it’s all the more wtf-ery about those states who refused to enact any restrictions, or those reopening too soon]. Plays clip of T45 criticizing Hogan yesterday. [T45 is such a colossal asshole]. Hogan talks about his call with Pence and call with Governors and tells what really happened. They’re federal labs that they didn’t have access to, plus Hogan was talking about tests, not labs, doh! Hogan is polite (but tweeted shade last night). Talks about securing 500K tests from S. Korea. His wife is S. Korean and helped coordinate things. Hogan reiterates the problem is tests, not labs, which has been an issue from the beginning. It took 22 days-nights to get this deal in place. Gives more details about S. Korea deal, great team effort. [Lol @ T45, I mean what a failure of a human. He said states were on their own, then when they acted, he pouted].

Hogan says this is the worst possible time to reopen. T45 task force from Thursday says you need to have 14 days of declining numbers. Doesn’t know about GA but that doesn’t exist in MD. His stats are on the rise, quotes numbers, the experts and the task force says not to, so he sympathizes but he’s following his state level guidance. Joy asks about T45 halting immigration, despite some healthcare workers and other key essential jobs are held by immigrants. Hogan didn’t see it, doesn’t pay attention to his tweets (lol). Hogan says it’s not really a policy, and probably a distraction. Hogan says his wife is a first generation S. Korean and she helped get those 500K tests.

Sunny talks about T45 inciting protests and violence LIBERATE! Hogan throws more shade, he missed the few protesters at Annapolis because he was @ BWI waiting on S. Korea plane with tests. Says T45 plan Thursday was 14 days of downward numbers, then Friday encouraged people to violate his own policy. Not helpful. Repeats if we (nationwide) had done nothing, deaths > 2M but with action they’re @ 40K so far. Joy asks about November election. Hogan says they postponed primary from April to June, and are pushing mail-in ballots. Looking for feedback after primary from state Board of Elections to see how to proceed with November. Whoopi shares tweet, some guy keeps going to his mailbox without wearing pants 😃 Hogan explains the details of this guy. Hopes he’s wearing a mask if not any pants. Should help with social distancing. Lol.

Hot Topic Marriage by Zoom

Cuomo said OK for people to get married in NY via Zoom. Someone @ Buzzfeed got dumped by Zoom. Sunny likes the marriages but doesn’t understand the breakups, where are you going that you’ll meet someone else? Joy is a certified minister. Won’t be able to officiate her cousin wedding. Some people get married for health insurance. Meghan is still distracted by the guy not wearing his pants to the mailbox. Panel continues to laugh about that. Joy still needs confirmation. Underwear or Full Monty. Whoopi says he’s commando.

Hot Topic On the Plus Side, Pollution is Down

NY hospitalizations have been trending downwards for 8 days straight. And pollution is down 30%, with colorful map from NASA.

Ontd do you wear pants to your mailbox?

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