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ONTD Original: Gallery Girls - Where Are They Now?

Being under quarantine gives me a lot of time to ask myself some difficult questions. Did I fuck up my friendships? Am I going to die alone? Will I ever get out of student loan debt? But the most important one that haunts me at night is this: why did Chantal from Gallery Girls hate wines from Oregon so much? While I may never know the answers to any of these questions (except the student loan one, that’s a resounding NO) I am able to call upon my only friend during quarantine, Ask Jeeves Google, to find out what happened to Chantal and the rest of the castmates of Bravo's one-season wonder, Gallery Girls.

What was it? Gallery Girls was a show centered on seven women trying to make it New York’s art scene. The cast was split into two: the uptown girls and the downtown girls. The uptown girls represented the more traditional side of the New York art scene while the downtown girls attempted to showcase a more unconventional side of the New York art scene. The two groups seemed to be from two completely different shows. Bravo really dropped the ball trying to mesh them together. They tried to create tension by setting it up as uptown vs downtown, but it came across really weak and inauthentic. Honestly, they should’ve cut the uptown girls and focused solely on the downtown girls.

Liz Margulies

Who was she?
Proving nepotism is alive and well even in the art world. Her father is a world-renowned art collector, Martin Margulies (his collection is said to be worth over $800 million). Liz’s storyline centered on her trying to break onto the scene using daddy’s name to do so. She was interning at Eli Klein Fine Art, but she wasn’t a typical intern. Using her connections, she made sure to get out of doing any grunt work.

Defining trait/scene/gif: She played up the stereotype of rich girl very well. She was mean and quick to judge I remember her revealing her relationship with her father was strained due to past drug addiction. She also really hated the Brooklyn girls, Amy and probably poor people.

Where is she now?
According to her LinkedIn, after the show, she got her master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.1 She now owns her own art consultancy firm.2
Social Media: A private twitter3 and public Instagram4

Chantal Chadwick

Who was she?
She was the cool girl, the “not like other girls” girl. Her storyline revolved around opening a gallery/art space in the lower east side called End of Century. Chantal was more of a thinker, not a doer. She treated the gallery like a school project instead of a business. Which works because she was most definitely the kid who did zero work on the project and still expected top marks. She left most of the stress of running and promoting the gallery to castmate and co-owner, Claudia Reardon.

Defining trait/scene/gif:
Hating the following things: wines from Oregon, unattractive men hitting on her, and working.

Loved the following things:
Being cool, and liking the things you like before you knew it existed

Where is she now?
After End of Century flopped, she tried her hand at opening another art space in Brooklyn. I guess that failed too because soon after she moved to Los Angeles and is now a partner with creative agency, Assortment.5 She is also in a “collaborative ambient music project” called Pétra and they make soundscapes.6

Social Media: She has an Instagram 7and here’s her band’s Soundcloud if you’re interested.8

Maggie Schaffer

Who was she?
Maggie was the eternal intern. She also interned at Eli Klein Fine Art, but she stopped showing up to work. She later came back to urge Eli to either give her an actual job or a recommendation so she could find a job and she somehow ended up back as just an intern? While Liz was able to coast by on her famous father’s name, Maggie had no such luck. She was given all the menial grunt work like changing the water bowl and making sure each bonsai tree had an equal amount of pebbles. The most egregious task she was ever given was when Eli ordered her to go down to Brooklyn to pick up something. Poor Maggie.

Defining trait/scene/gif: Maggie was a total pushover; absolute zero confidence in herself. Eli treated her like shit, her boyfriend treated her like shit, and she took it all. There also was a weird relationship with her boss, Eli. It was obvious the two fucked in the past and it didn’t work out, so Eli was treating her like shit because of it. On her trip to Brooklyn, she really showed her ass by calling it “ghetto” and fearing getting “jumped” on every corner

Where is she now?
It took me a while to find out about her because her last name had changed. Luckily, I found an article from a few years back that said she worked as an associate at the Erik Thomson gallery.9 I searched around, and she still works there but goes by Maggie Meem now.10

Social Media: I can’t find any for her and Google doesn’t help because it thinks I’m looking for “Maggie Meme”. There’s an old twitter11

Angela Pham

Who was she?
Angela was a free-spirited photographer/model. At the time of the show, she was waitressing but wanted to make a career out of photography. She mentioned several times throughout the show that her parents, who were both doctors, were disappointed over her chosen path in life and would love nothing more than for her to become a doctor or lawyer. Angela’s storyline also revolved around her love life. She claimed she was tired of the guys she usually dated and wanted a serious relationship and maybe settle down, but she also had really high standards.

I remember in one episode on a blind date with a middle-aged man she admitted that she had a fantasy of getting with someone in the midst of a mid-life crisis, okay girl.

Defining trait/scene/gif: While Maggie lacked any confidence, Angela had it in spades. What Angela loved more than anything was herself and maybe also her clothes.

Looking back, she was a bit problematic. Remember in the early 2010s when every real housewife had her own group of “gays”. Pepperidge Farm remembers. Angela was the same way – she constantly referred to her friends as her “gays” or “the gays”. It was a bit much

Where is she now?
Angela made her dream into reality. According to her LinkedIn, she is a brand photographer and co-founded Deitch + Pham, a content production company.12

Social Media
She has an Instagram13 and her company website 14

Amy Poliakoff

Who was she?
Amy was an Upper East Sider and proud of it. She loved living in the apartment her father owned and paid for which gave her the opportunity to work as an unpaid intern for art advisor, Sharon Coplan Hurowitz. Her storyline revolved around her trying to be Sharon’s favorite intern and trying to be Liz’s bff. Problem is Liz hated her and Sharon clearly favored castmate, Kerri, over her.

Defining trait/scene/gif: Amy was an ass-kisser and couldn’t handle her liquor very well. It’s not surprising that recovering addict, Liz, didn’t want to hang out with Amy. She also had an air of superiority around her. She thought that because she had the expensive art training and education, everything should be a given for her. It really ruffled her feathers that Kerri, who knew almost nothing about art, was constantly given praise by Sharon.

Where is she is now?
According to her LinkedIn, Amy has moved down to Florida and she is now an art consultant at Eden Fine Art Gallery.15

Social Media:
I can’t find anything except an old twitter16 and Facebook.17

Claudia Martinez Reardon

Who was she?
Claudia was co-owner of End of Century and she struggled. Her parents had fronted her $15,000 to get E.O.C. up and running and Claudia spent the entire season worrying over paying them back. Claudia was in charge of the gallery side of E.O.C and found it difficult to get people to actually buy the paintings. She often clashed with friend and co-owner Chantal over their differing styles at running a business. Her storyline acts as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about starting a business with their friends.

Defining trait/scene/gif?
I remember she really wanted to bone Chantal’s boyfriend. Her friendship with Chantal was the cause of most of her drama. The defining moment was when Claudia had had enough of Chantal’s carefree attitude regarding the business and called her a pathological liar.

Where is she now?
I don’t know where she is, do you? She’s my personal Carmen Sandiego – Where in the world is Claudia Martinez Reardon? This article says she’s a florist but that was from five years ago so who knows how accurate that is today.18
Edit: niftylicious found her! She has her own website and she's a writer now!

Social Media:
Only the skies and the oceans know.

Kerri Lisa

Who was she?
Kerri was kind of mismatched with the rest of the cast. Her storyline revolved around her moving to the city and working hard to be able to survive and not have to move back to her parents in Long Island. Kerri worked full time as a personal concierge for the wealthy and had no formal or informal art training/education. She wanted to know more about art, so Kerri managed to get an internship with art advisor, Sharon Coplan Hurowitz. Throughout the season she struggled to juggle her demanding job and her demanding internship.

Defining trait/scene/gif: For being a newbie in the art world she was actually pretty good at it. Sharon praised her natural eye for art. But other than that, she was kinda boring.

Where is she now?
Her LinkedIn says she still works at the “lifestyle management” company she was working at on the show, but who knows if it’s still accurate.19

Social Media: A private Instagram20 and an old twitter21

Source: me, my memory, little clips on youtube, everything else is sourced here accordingly: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16,17 18, 19, 20, 21
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