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The View: Max Rose, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Confederate flag racists and N’azi lovers are protesting for their right to die [Ok natural selection, do your thing]. Give Me Liberty Then Give Me Death™. Panel talks about how selfish and ignorant these people are. Everyone is sympathetic about the economic toll that it’s taking but ignoring isolation and social distancing will prolong the guidelines being in place. Talks about Sweden backfiring, who tried herd effect without actually saying it was herd effect strategy, unlike their Nordic neighbors Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Add to the dilemma that T45 is inciting violence, and asking swing state MAGA lovers to ignore the same guidance his daily briefings suggest. Every state who has had these protests are seeing increase in diagnosed cases, plus many stories of people who thought it was a hoax or defied orders, now dead from the virus. Protestors wearing masks and gloves = height of hypocrisy lol.

T45 said in his Sunday televised propaganda rally that it’s up to states to sort out testing. Plays clip. After previously saying several times that there were tests and millions of tests and everything was perfect about tests. Everyone at state level including Republicans are calling out that b.s. The whole point of our taxes and FEMA is for the federal government to oversee these nationally needed items and the supply chain. T45 wants the blame on Governors for keeping orders in place because he’s a terrible horrible very bad non-leader. WHO offered a test, it was denied. CDC tried to make their own test, it failed due to contamination. T45 tried to bribe Germany to make a test only for USA, Germany said f-off. Nobody is going to give their business to places where they don’t feel safe. The whole panel has their own rant about it, mostly in agreement that this is crazypants and only getting worse.

Hot Topic Media is Being Derelict

Segment from Bill Maher show. Plays clip. The media drumbeat of dread and depression turns in to panic porn. Calls out media to do better. Meghan agrees. Americans are scared. Will our lives every be normal again. Media should show hope when they can. Dr Birx and Dr Fauci are the best to speak, plus Cuomo, etc, who are being honest and forthright. Whereas T45 is making it an ego fest for re-election purposes, while the media is doing the most with sensationalizing every little detail without context. Joy calls out NYT for using Apocalypse. It takes 5 positive thoughts to counteract a negative thought, so the media should take notice. Stop airing T45 lie-fests. Sunny is fine with optimism but can handle facts. Says the WH traffics in lies and blame. Reads off tweets. Yes we know T45 has lied about this like he’s lied about everything else. Stop broadcasting these briefings live. The media should do a better job handling it.

Hot Topic Congressman Max Rose

NY Rep Max Rose is a combat veteran (Afghanistan, Purple Heart, Bronze Star) and is supporting first responders by working with the National Guard to build emergency covid hospital on Staten Island. Talks about all the great people he’s seen and has been working with to work through this pandemic. Feels the issue is an operational role. There are things that belong with states vs federal, and the federal is failing us miserably, lists items. Explains how this is more analogous with WWII than our more recent wars, eg DPA and solidarity. Says this shouldn’t be a politicized situation, we need xyz from the WH regardless who or what party is in office. But we’re not seeing that.

Believes it’s dangerous for T45 to call on swing states to LIBERATE themselves to a coffin. It should be up to Governors, it should not be encouraged for citizens to break the law and endanger others. More talk about China government suppressing information or downplaying details. Gives example about sanctions against China for Fentanyl prior to pandemic, but can’t let criticisms of government policy bleed into xenophobia or violence against Chinese people.

Ontd have there been Right to Die protesters in your city?

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