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ONTD Original: 10 more forgotten ~hunks~ from the 2000s — Part 2

Part 1 just wasn't enough. Who else have we forgotten, and where are they now??

[Spoiler (click to open)]

1. Stephen Dorff
He started acting in the 80s and probably had his heyday in the 90s. But he was in Cecil B. Demented, Feardotcom, Deuces Wild, and Cold Creek Manor in the early 2000s. Since then, he's been in a bunch of stuff that this OP has never heard of. Notably though, he was in the 3rd season of True Detective. If you have nothing to watching during these times.... actually, no. Scrap that. Watch something else.

Here he is threatening Dennis Quaid in Cold Creek Manor.

He doesn't seem to have an Instagram, but I did find this fan account. Did you know that he's 5'5?

2. Eric Johnson
Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum who? Eric Johnson AKA Whitney Fordman on Smallville was only in 24 episodes, but he made enough of an impression to land on this list. Not to be confused with Jessica Simpson's husband of the same name OR Colorado Avalanche player Erik Johnson, he's been in a number of TV roles since Smallville!

Here he is, playing the douchey jock and threatening Clark. Bonus 2000s fun: Weezer's Island in the Sun plays while doing so.

He's still hot, as per his Instagram.

3. Justin Berfield
Did you stick around for Malcolm in the Middle after the Simpsons aired on a Sunday night, or was that just me? Playing Malcolm's brother Reese, Justin is no longer in TV, but has been the Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced since 2010. Owned by the Virgin Group, I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself. He also bought the house Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey used to live in.... but he eventually sold it. How many Jessica Simpson references will this post get?

He doesn't post much on Instagram, but when he does, he's in the great outdoors or showing off his ties to Richard Branson.

4. Mekhi Phifer
He was in a ton of late 90s/early 2000s teen movies. He also had Eminem reference him in a song... His roles have slowed down these days, but he played Max in the Divergent series (didn't ONTD call that franchise a flop?). He also starred in the now-cancelled CW series Frequency with other forgotten hottie Riley Smith. This OP highly recommends it, AND it's on Netflix!

Here's an overdramatic trailer for his film O.

His Instagram is full of throwbacks and family.

5. Jason Behr
Most famous for Roswell, he also starred in 7th Heaven, Dawson's Creek, Buffy, and a whole lot more. He now has a recurring role as Trip in Roswell, New Mexico. Other than that, he hasn't done much over the years. But he can wear the hell out of a deep V-neck shirt, as per his Wikipedia photo.

Here he is discussing his love for soju on a late-night interview:

Lots of wedding and family photos on his Instagram.

6. Romeo Miller
Formerly known as Lil Romeo, and heavily advertised as the son of Master P, Romeo (as he eventually went by) was in Max Keeble's Big Move, Honey, and had a show called Romeo!. He's had several roles over the years, but went on to play basketball for the USC Trojans until he was cut in his junior year. In the 2010s, reality TV took over as he was seen in Dancing With the Stars, Millionaire Matchmaker, Master P's Family Empire, and Celebrity Fear Factor. He's also the host of MTV's Ex on The Beach.

Don't forget his 2001 song, My Baby:

His Instagram shows off his accomplishments, some throwbacks, his fit body, and makes several references to looking for "a future baby mama."

7. Stuart Townsend
This one's for that ONTD user who mentioned him a few weeks ago! The Irish actor was in Queen of the Damned, Trapped, and Aeon Flux. His last film was in 2013, and he's had one-off roles in Elementary and Law & Order: SVU since then. He was dating Charlize Theron until she broke it off with him when they returned from a trip to Mexico in 2010. ONTD, have you ever broken up with someone after coming back from a vacation?

He really loves posting sky/nature shots... and there's a surprise shirtless selfie in there too.

8. Cam Gigandet
Maybe most famous for playing Kevin Volchok in season 3 of The OC, his life as a TV badboy didn't last too long before he got into films such as Never Back Down and the Twilight franchise. His daughter is well-known for being the "serious baby" as he was walking to brunch one day. That girl is 11 now. Do you feel old?? Here's that 2009 ONTD post, but none of the photos load any more :( Let's be honest though, you probably already know what they looked like!!

Please enjoy this fan-vid from 2007 highlighting his on-screen romance with Marissa Cooper.

He's deleted everything from his Instagram, but this fan account shows a pic from his daughter's 11th birthday, plus his fiancee and 2 other kids.

9. Adam Lavorgna
Bet you hadn't thought about the badboy who took Mary Camden to a hotel on Valentine's Day to have sex in awhile, did you? After starring as Robbie Palmer in 7th Heaven, his career seriously dwindled, with only 4 roles after that on Law & Order, Cold Case, and CSI Miami.

Here's his character doing community service, when he meets ONTD fave Jessica Biel's character. The rest is history.

He seems to live in Toronto now, as per his Instagram Staying out of trouble, it seems.

10. Luke Mably
This guy deserves a whole ONTD Original to himself, tbh. Best known as the Danish Prince in The Prince and Me, he had many more roles in the 2000s, but only 5 since 2010. Never mind that. Do you know that a whole franchise was spawned from The Prince and Me? Julia Styles was replaced in the second film by his now-wife, Kam Heskin. He didn't stick around for the third installment, but she did... and there's a Prince and Me 4 floating around too. Whew!

Time for another trailer. I think the guy who voiced the O trailer voiced this one, too:

Just a few more things to note on this film. Was it ahead of it's time? Hmm...
-It took place in Manitowoc, Wisconsin — yes, Steven Avery territory (Making a Murderer)
-The badboy prince decides he wants to quit the kingdom
-The king dies of the flu

He seems to like posting his dog on Instagram.

And that does it for this post! Stay tuned for an upcoming Original on the forgotten on-screen ladies of the 2000s.

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