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Chris Cuomo lies about isolating, verbally attacks stranger, infects wife

-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is sick with covid-19
-He's supposed to be isolating however a bicyclist in the Hamptons spotted him last Sunday out with a group of people
-Chris was checking out his new Hamptons property that is under development
-the bicyclist recognized Chris from 100 feet away and told him "You're supposed to be quarantining. What are you doing out with all these people?"
-Chris began approaching the man saying "Who the hell are you?".
-the man asked him why he isn't following his brother's rules
-Chris got very angry and said "You will not see the last of me over this" and "You will meet me again over this"
-the man left before Chris could get too close to him
-Chris lied and claimed he was wearing a mask and was in his own backyard (it was an undeveloped property he's building for his new home)
-he mentioned the incident briefly on his radio show calling the guy a “jackass loser fat-tire biker”
-the man filed a police report
-Chris's wife has now tested positive for covid-19 a few days ago

Sources: 1 2
Tags: covid-19, news / news anchors
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