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Big Sean says a proposal is coming as he and Jhene Aiko flirt on Instagram Live.

-Rapper Big Sean and singer Jhene Aiko, who dated in 2016 and broke up in 2018, with Aiko covering a tattoo of Big Sean's face, seemed to be reigniting rumors they had gotten back together.

-On Instagram Live Big Sean asked Aiko would she compete for him. Aiko"I'm not competing for nothing. I don't compete I complete. And the difference between competing and completing is the L.You know what the L stands for? It stands for love. And you know what love stands for? living on valued energy and that's the word to my dad" Big Sean added" And life is just love in full effect."

-After Big Sean says Aiko looks good she responds with"Oh yeah, why don't you marry me? Big Sean"Its in the works". They end the video stating there has got to be a more entertaining live going on.


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Tags: asian celebrities, black celebrities, celebrity social media, music / musician

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