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The View: Bob Saget, Leslie Jordan, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Majority of Americans [90%!] are following state distancing guidelines. The panel talks about what they think of these guidelines, and what they want to see in place to feel safe in going about their lives. Sunny wants a vaccine or medication, and more testing. Meghan doesn’t know it but she’s become an anarchist. She and fmr co-host Abby talked, can’t come up with anything. Wants concrete evidence from government that it’s safe. Joy doesn’t know. Mocks anti-vaxxers. She’s listening to Fauci and Cuomo. Whoopi wants to know that treatment is available vs it being fatal for some. And what kind of immunity do you have if you get it and survive.

Hot Topic Campaign Dilemma for Biden

WaPo article thinks Biden may have trouble campaigning with stay at home orders whereas T45 is on TV every day. Joy thinks even if Biden was locked in a trunk in the middle of the Canary Islands, he’s still going to beat T45. Meghan says he’s doing podcasts and remote TV interviews. There’s always going to be something unknown in every campaign. Biden can’t compete with daily T45 TV.

Hot Topic Biden VP Speculation

Stacey Abrams has been actively campaigning for the role, Elizabeth Warren said on Maddow that she’d say Yes if asked. Sunny thinks he should pick a black woman, says why. Thinks Abrams or Kamala Harris are good choices. Meghan thinks MI Whitmer was on short-list but now she’s on a recall list [funded and influenced by the Devos family]. Thinks it should be someone with executive and leadership experience. Joy agrees with Sunny re/black woman. Says Abrams and Warren have been open about wanting the job. Thinks both would make great VP, and Kamala. She’d vote for any of them. Kamala just introduced a vote-safe act, explains details, two have said they want the job while Kamala is taking action. Meghan thinks Kamala is gaining based on how she’s taken initiative. Meghan agrees with Sunny. Whoopi is glad that he’s taking his time and not being rushed by the media.

Hot Topic Pandemic Shaming

People calling the cops on others not following guidelines. Joy said she would, if she were leaving the house. Says there’s a difference between a snitch vs a whistleblower. Meghan would. Drags Ivanka about preaching stay at home, while Jarvanka went to NJ for Passover. No leadership from top down, violating all the rules they claim everyone should follow. Sunny mentions black men wearing masks then getting racially profiled, tells story about a doctor. Someone is going to wear a pink mask, another will also have a Starbucks cup, because they seem less threatening. Whoopi says better to wear the mask and let people figure it out.

Hot Topic Bob Saget

Full Quarantine, plays clip. The cast recreates the intro for quarantine times. Announces new project, podcast Bob Saget’s Here for You, which starts on Monday.

Hot Topic Leslie Jordan

The actor who plays Karen’s sassy sidekick Beverley Leslie on Will and Grace is having fun on Instagram.

Ontd what fun and exciting plans do you have for this weekend?

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