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Meet the cast of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2

*Are you not getting enough Americans acting like total idiots while abroad during the current season of 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days? Well fear not, because TLC has got your back with another season of Americans being stunned that everywhere is not the same as the US.

*90 Day Fiance The Other Way features Americans who decide to pack up their lives to move overseas to be with their partners, who either can't or won't move to the US.

*This season features two returning couples as well as some new faces

90 day1.jpg
Tim and Melyza
He's from Dallas, she's from Colombia. He screwed up, so now he's moving to Colombia to prove his love.

90 day 2.jpg
Kenneth and Armando
Kenneth is from Florida and Armando is from Mexico. Kenneth will probably have to be hidden, as Armando's family doesn't know about Kenneth and also doesn't approve of Armando's sexuality.

90 day 3.jpg
Ariela and Biniyam
She's a New Jersey divorcee, and he's from Ethiopia. They met, she got knocked up, and now watch as she's stunned that giving birth is different outside the US.

90 day 4.jpg
Brittany and Yazan
She's a free spirit from Florida, he's a devout Muslim from Jordan. They met on video chat, and Brit has no plans to convert to Islam.

And returning from last season are...

90 day 5.jpg
Deavan and Jihoon
Drasilla takes on South Korea where people probably don't like you putting your toes in their scrambled eggs.

90 day 6.jpg
Jenny and Sumitt
These two won't let a silly fact like Summit being married to someone else for the past two years stand in their way!

*The new season premieres June 1 on TLC. Watch the trailer at the source.

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