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Florence Welch releases album outtake "Light of Love" to support Intensive Care Society

The song is available starting at midnight local time on the usual streaming platforms and YT!

Florence surprisingly announced that tonight is the release of her "High As Hope" outtake "Light of Love." This song has long been known to exist, as its name was registered. The lyrics were published as a poem in a photobook that accompanied the exhibition "Don't go blindly into the dark" in Berlin, which showed off her years of artistic collaboration with Vincent Haycock. (Haycock filmed "The Odyssey," her visual album for "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful," and photographed her many times.)

The lyrics are very personal, as is typical for this era, here an excerpt of the adapted poem:

[Lyrics Excerpt]
And oh my little sister, when the drugs were wearing off
I climbed into your bed and said, "I think I did too much"
In some ways that was simpler, being too fucked up to see
I didn't have to wake up to the world that was around me
And now we are awake and it seems too much to take
I want to close my eyes because I fear my heart will break

[Instagram Caption]‘Light of Love’ is an unreleased song from High as Hope, it never made it to the record, but I thought I would release it at midnight tonight, as a little token of my love. And to raise awareness for the Intensive Care Society, (Link in bio) which provides care and support for the incredible doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals on the front line of this crisis. I will be donating all of my income from this song to the Intensive Care Society. I love and miss you all so much. With you in spirit from South London lockdown Xx 💗 xX

The charity she supports in these difficult times of COVID-19 is the Intensive Care Society.

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