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The View: Lindsey Graham, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Michigan Zombie MAGAs

Crazy MAGA Confederate Flag racists frothed at the mouth due to Michigan stay at home requirements. Their escapades blocked ambulances and other first responders. They’re doing this, influenced by money from the Devos family, to dampen the support for Governor Whitmer and hoping to affect Dems winning the state in November.

Sunny didn’t understand the confederate flag, and they’re violating social distance orders, it seemed more of a racist issue. Meghan has a rant. She wants to see the government reopen and not have a second Depression but says S Dakota, who didn’t put restrictions in place, is now seeing increase in cases so what is the right answer. Joy calls out them blocking emergency vehicles. It’s far more infectious than the average illness, it spreads fast. Has a Fox rant. Whoopi says virus doesn’t care about any of your demographics it will infect and possibly kill anyone.

They should be named and shamed, including the identity of that one person behind the small flag who wore a mask Tweet

Hot Topic Louisiana Sen. Kennedy Thinks Money is Better Than Lives

Plays clip. LA Senator Kennedy focuses on the economy. Joy says these are supposed to be intelligent people and many are elderly, but they don’t get the quicker people go back out, the longer we’ll have to stay in. Sunny says reopening is just money for lives. Now 22M filing for unemployment. If we reopen too soon, then they’ll be dead. How will the economy recover when there’s less people to work in it due to virus fatalities. Meghan thinks it’s a culture war clash. Someone living in Sioux Falls doesn’t have the same experience than someone living in Manhattan.

Hot Topic Michael Che Pays People’s Rent

See related post here by frankthesheep

Michael Che is paying for a month’s rent for everyone in housing where his grandma lived. She recently died from covid19. Hello Dept of Housing Ben Carson, what are you doing to solve these rent issues for people who are out of work and also possibly sick?

Hot Topic Senator Lindsey Graham

Ontd have you seen Shaun of the Dead? What is your favorite zombie film?

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