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Dark Side of the Ring Explores Jimmy Snuka and the Vince McMahon Murder Cover Up

  • Jimmy Snuka was a WWF star who was also addicted to cocaine.

  • Nancy Argentino was Snuka's girlfriend (he was also married with children) and he was overprotective and controlling of her.

  • Nancy Argentino's family thought Jimmy Snuka was strange even though Nancy's mother liked him. One day while Nancy and her sister were chatting, Snuka reached his hand out like he was grabbing her throat and said, "I could...". Nancy's sister fled with Nancy apologizing and Snuka later apologized with cocaine, which she refused.

  • In January 1983, police were called because of sounds of a woman getting beaten and arrived to Snuka dragging Nancy by her hair. Snuka fought police dogs as he was restrained and Nancy called her sister for help. Nancy later called the incident a "big misunderstanding" and Snuka walked away with a slap on the wrist.

  • The WWF relied on Nancy to get Snuka to events on time since his drug problem made him unreliable.

  • May 10, 1983 would be the last day of Nancy's life. She was 23 years old. She was found in a hotel room barely alive in bed with marks on her neck and pupils fixed and dilated. She would die in the hospital.

  • Snuka changed his story repeatedly, from saying the couple had been play-wrestling before he left to work and she must have hit her head, to saying they had a conflict and Nancy fell and hit her head, to Nancy falling and hitting her head at a rest stop hours before. Fellow wrestler Tonga Kid claims he was with Snuka and Nancy in the car that day but doesn't remember anyone falling.

  • At Nancy's funeral, Snuka behaved oddly, having to be pulled off Nancy's coffin by Nancy's parents. On his way out, Snuka turned to Nancy's sister Caroline and said, "she looks terrible." Later the family was shocked when the undertaker said he'd worked hard to make Nancy look presentable and hide the heavy bruising on her neck and face.

  • Nancy's family was shocked when police ruled Nancy's death accidental. Snuka's "promoter" offered the Argentino family $25,000.

  • The Argentino family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Snuka and were awarded a $500,000 default judgment payment. They never received it.

  • In 2013, investigative journalists got their hands on Nancy's autopsy report from the wrongful death lawsuit and noted that the coroner stated "the case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise." It was also noted Nancy's head injury resulted from Nancy's skull striking a stationary object and not a fall and Nancy's face, scalp and body had multiple abrasions.

  • Snuka's widow Carole describes a 1983 meeting Jimmy had with Vince McMahon and police. She alleges that Vince assured Snuka everything would be taken care of and had him sign an agreement from his briefcase. After the meeting, police ruled the death accidental.

  • The police department official back in 1983 stammers a lot when approached with this information.

  • The Argentino family was angered by Snuka's book, where he described Nancy as a nice girl who ultimately ruined his life.

  • In late 2015, Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter of Nancy Argentino. At this point, Snuka was suffering from stomach cancer and dementia. Snuka's widow doesn't think he understood what was going on. Snuka was eventually declared unfit to stand in court.

  • Snuka died in 2017 and the Argentino family was left without justice or closure. Snuka's widow does believe the family deserves justice.

You can watch the full episode here.

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