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Who Was The Twelfth Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War?

The twelfth person to be voted out of Survivor: Winners At War and sent to Edge Of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Tyson.

The episode started off with a reward challenge. It was also the loved ones visit, but this time it was whole families for most of the contestants instead of just the usual single person. Normally I don’t really care for these visits, but this particular one did warm my cold cold heart.

Jeff announced there would be no challenge (but not before that Fiji Airways product placement nonsense), and everyone could go back to camp and spend time together, with a nice feast waiting for them. Those on the Edge of Extinction also got to see their loved ones:)

There was no talk of strategy or alliances throughout any of it, which I actually really liked. Though the mini vacation was over, as the Immunity Challenge was right after. Tony won his first individual immunity challenge, and the strategizing commenced. And man... I still think they’re all nuts.

Jeremy thought it was a good idea to break up Sarah and Sophie, but Tony wasn’t having it. Sarah wanted Kim out, believing she could possibly win the whole game, and Tony didn’t want that either.

Tony and Ben started having doubts about Jeremy, and told Sarah they were all going to vote for him. Jeremy decided to team up with Kim and Tyson instead. The three of them brought in Michele and Denise, and targeted Sophie. Guess the meat shield alliance was butchered??? I swear some of these people have the attention span of a five-year-old.

At tribal, there was a clear division, and with all the advantages up in the air, it was hard to predict what would actually happen. The whispering started, right on cue. No one was talking to Jeremy this time, and it made him use his advantage and walked out of tribal. It was VERY FUCKING CLEAR he was the one that was being targeted. But it also left his alliance vulnerable (uh... next week should be interesting). Sarah then used her Steal A Vote against Denise. Kim then played her idol for Denise. But the majority alliance had split the votes and put more on Tyson.

The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Winners At War was Tyson. He didn’t have a Fire Tokento to give away, so he headed straight to Edge of Extinction.

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