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Courtney Love reminisces about the Chateau Marmont, promotes their charity fund while doing so

-Courtney Love posted a series of Instagram photos of her enjoying herself at the Chateau Marmont
-The Chateau Family Fund has been created in order to help employees effected by COVID-19
-Goop who? You can purchase a $250 Chateau Marmont robe, $150 sweater, a $65 candle, bottles of hotel shower gel, and way more!
-Sadly, the $125 keychain is sold out

Her Insta caption:
The Setting of the most wonderful thrashings, trashings, wreckings, best-kept secrets, true lies, velvet mornings, bougainvillea purple hazes, honestly lovely purely lazy sexiest days that Los Angeles has ever had.

With the most amazing, kind, gorgeously giving staff.

LINK IN BIO – all proceeds from sales go to the wonderful chateau Marmont family. I love you guys. #chateaufamilyfund #chateaumarmontfamily ❤️❤️❤️

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I'm suddenly feeling very nostalgic for 2000s Hollywood nightlife...
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