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The View: Dr Deborah Birx, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Now T45 is cutting funding to WHO because he always blames others for his shortcomings and failures. This guy wouldn’t cut it as a shift leader at a fast food restaurant. No character, worst leader ever. Sunny says it’s unclear if KingTrump has authorization to cut funding, and just because he’s being a bully in a snit. Democrats in Congress are looking into legalities. He refuses to accept any responsibility for his failures. WHO offered tests but T45 turned it down, then CDC test failed. Meghan suggests people read articles about WHO, thinks they gave China cover. Sees politics blurring the lines. [Who cares where it started, it came to America in January and that fool has bungled it every step]. Joy thinks of course it’s political. He only cuts funding if it benefits him politically [eg Ukraine]. Brings up US Postal Service. Everything with him is always about him.

Hot Topic Dr Deborah Birx

[She’s only allowed to appear because ABC covers T45 propaganda campaign rallies disguised as a press conference. Yesterday he ranted the whole time and no questions asked of the medical experts present. So, anyway].

Birx talks trends of new cases and fatalities. Proud to see so many embracing social distancing. She’s data driven, doesn’t like to average things, prefers to focus on specific communities. You can see states with good surveillance, reopening should be community based and some may be able to proceed soon with decreased restrictions. Birx says they have much better sense of how contagious the virus is, in a way we haven’t seen with prior viruses. Talks about the silent threat of asymptomatic people. Birx treads carefully on WHO topic. Talks history of what happens in early days of pandemics. Needs to always have early transparency. Good to debrief once this is over. Talks infectious lingo. [R0 to R4-6 means one (=R0) infected patient can infect 4-6 more people (=R4-6), which is quite high in terms of communicable diseases.]

Birx moves to testing topic. More discussion on reopening, especially when some states have still refused to put guidelines in place. Birx talks wonky stuff. Traditional flu season is over, so now they’re able to separate surveillance systems matching with testing capacity that doesn’t confuse covid with flu. Birx moves to vulnerable populations, pre-existing conditions, thanks millennials who did a good job getting message out and protecting their parents. Talks supply chains of more rural medical facilities.

Hot Topic Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

She’s always so well prepared and articulate

AOC represents one of the hardest hit districts in NY. Talks about the vulnerable communities. NY-14 has 5 of the top 10 impacting communities. Mostly working class black and brown people. Quotes a lot of stats about this and that. Moves to Surgeon General comments from last week. What a clown. Came off like personal responsibility was to blame instead of systemic racial inequalities. AOC expands on this. Pre-existing conditions will be impactful but that applies to everyone and doesn’t address the inequities in poc communities. Quotes more stats. Believes it should be addressed more with public policy than public choice. More talk about the progressive agenda. Everyone is resistant against policies until they’re personally affected. Equates to LGBT civil rights evolution. Guaranteeing healthcare isn’t giving away charity, it affects everyone in the community. If you think covid testing should be free, then why not diabetes and other chronic conditions.

AOC talks about Sanders dropping out, endorsing Biden. AOC says stakes are too high to consider another 4 years of T45. Lists all the horrible things over the last 3 years. Feels it’s important to rally behind our Democratic nominee. AOC says one of these two candidates is going to be elected T45 or Biden. Maybe it wasn’t the outcome they (Sanders supporters) wanted, but between those two, it’s not close between the them. Important to see that the campaign has a plan for you. AOC talks possible VP pick. A lot of woc who are really qualified. Combination of two things 1-first female VP being a woc is a significant milestone and 2-what does the woman value, what policies does she champion, which is more than being a token of a particular demographic. AOC would like it to be a progressive to bridge the two policies.

Ontd when do you think your community will ease back to normal?

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