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The View: Chris Christie, Cookie Monster, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Yesterday was a repeat due to Easter Monday holiday in case you were wondering!

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Yesterday’s press briefing was a complete sh’tshow. Plays clip. Whatever. Going sidebar: He started with a taxpayer funded propaganda commercial put together by his WH staff to lie about his handling of the pandemic. Then he said he had ultimate authority over states [Narrator: he does not]. And he had a ranting meltdown when called out for doing nothing for the entire month of February. I mean, there is nothing to say but f’ck that guy. Also cheers for @kaitlancollins and @PaulaReidCBS. The media shouldn’t be airing these gaslighting campaign rallies, but anyhoodle. The panel says exactly what you’d think they’d say.

Here are the actual clips. Then later today he tweeted about Mutiny on the Bounty which he clearly has never seen but must think likening himself to Captain Bligh is a positive.

Tweet1 and Tweet2

Hot Topic Don’t Fire Fauci

Plays clip. Said over the weekend, if mitigation had started sooner, then sure lives would’ve been saved. Sunday night, T45 retweeted a right winger calling for firing Fauci. Then Fauci had to clarify at the bonkers press briefing yesterday. The panel says all the normal things, he’s the only sane person in the room. Had to walk it back to keep from being kicked out. Definitely a last straw if he was ousted. [because there have been so many last straws beforehand]

Hot Topic ABC Chris Christie

He’s an ABC political contributor now. Talks about his family holding up in NJ. All the family is isolating together, including all 4 kids. CC says the press has been in a death spiral with T45 that he then reacts to. They should be shorter, with T45 barely speaking, then letting the experts talk. Says both sides stuff. CC explains over the entire pandemic and since he’s been in office, more both sides, too combative with each other. One of his grown son’s says he can’t watch cable news anymore because no one gives it to him straight. There would be a court battle if T45 tried to overstep with states rights. Expects there will be compromises between states and federal government because they need each other. Governors have better part of the argument. Sunny talks about 70 days of inaction again. Skipping this part, new day, same topic. CC and his whataboutism and GOP talking points.

Meghan talks about economy and unemployment rate. CC says he’s not an economist, and we’ve not been through this in over 100 yrs, times are different, says a lot without saying anything ~new. Sunny talks about safety of elections, Wisconsin, mail in voting. CC says it’s too early to tell, Governors will plan for what is necessary. Claims he sent people to jail for absentee ballot fraud, which is a partial lie, because the % of voter fraud is so statistically small as to never having affected a single race outcome. Oh, except the mail-in voter fraud committed by the GOP in 2018 in NC, bloop.

CC says it’s not a surprise that Obama would endorse Biden now that the primaries have determined the nominee. Wonders how Sanders will pull in his supporters to vote for Biden. Endorsements less important in era of pandemic, and the overall years of T45 in office. Joy asks about the retweet of firing Fauci. CC repeats what he said earlier, doesn’t see it happening.

Hot Topic Cookie Monster!

Sesame Street will air a virtual playdate at 7PM eastern on HBO and PBS Kids. Check local listings for other viewing options.

Ontd what is your favorite cookie and are you baking them now?

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