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Cannes Film Festival summer date no longer happening

The Cannes Film Festival was scheduled to take place next month, but made a tentative plan to occur at the end of June/early July after France locked down the country. But after French president Macron banned all public events in the country until mid-July, the festival clearly knew its postponed date was no longer a reality.

The Festival is now looking at other options to make sure that Cannes 2020 still occurs in some form or another. Although dont expect it to go digital, as director Thierry Fermaux thinks watching movies on a computer screen is apparently one of the worst things you could ever do and would ruin the soul~ of the festival (this is a fest that banned Netflix films from competing after all).

Some say it can happen in the fall, but would be tough with so many other festivals occurring around the world at the same time.

Cannes also holds a film market that is highly important for the worldwide industry and saw record participation last year. The fest has yet to say whether it will go fully digital with the market or not.

The festival's lineup was scheduled to be announced this week.

Tags: covid-19, film, film - festival
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